Tailored Solutions For Customers: This Is The Yale Answer To The Ceramic Industry’s Logistics Needs.

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Cersaie, the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings, is a key event in the ceramic industry’s calendar. This year’s exhibition took place in Bologna, Italy, on 23-27 September and boasted visitor numbers of 112,104 with a 1.6% increase in international visitors.

The ceramic industry is one of the most active sectors in Italian manufacturing and the district of Sassuolo, near Modena, is one of the world’s major production centres in the ceramic tile market, accounting for 80% of Italian national production. In addition to ceramics businesses, the district includes production and complementary service activities related to the tile cycle: from the instrumentation of goods and technology for ceramics, to the design and decoration of the tiles, the production of glazes and colours, product packaging and distribution and logistics. This allows for a more rapid and consistent supply chain, projected to develop products that meet customer needs.

The Yale® product range for warehouse logistics follows the same innovative trend of the ceramics sector, where the change concerns the timing of production and storage needs, product performance and the handling of fragile loads. Supply chain management in ceramic logistics needs to be increasingly performing well and reliably, with a service-oriented approach that involves a strong client experience from container to the customer.

These are heavy-duty applications with sustained rhythms, requiring maximum precision in storage and retrieval time, as well as attentiveness of the operators. For the ideal management of materials handling and logistics in this industry, Yale Europe Materials Handling offers various solutions which are the result of continuous research into the development of new products that meet the needs of specific industrial applications.

The right solution for specific applications

Having reliable products you can put your trust in is an essential point for Yale. For example, to celebrate the fine heritage of the Veracitor VX, Yale presented its new design – the Veracitor VX Gold Edition – at its exclusive This is Yale event held in Germany on 19 and 20 September. The new truck includes a feature bundle projected to enhance productivity and to provide customers with the familiarity of the current established models with added features only increasing the trust they can place in the truck.

Fragile and high-value loads can be handled with ease using the Return to Set Tilt (RST) feature on Gold Edition trucks specified with e-Hydraulics. The forks can be held at any pre-set angle within the tilt range, making unloading and offloading simple and allowing the operator to ensure the forks and load are level, helping to reduce accidental damage. Continuous Stability Enhancement (CSE) provides excellent lateral stability, enabling operators to manoeuvre the truck confidently over uneven surfaces and the isolated powertrain and low vibration seat allow the operator to work comfortably for longer. Operator comfort and productivity is central to the Yale design philosophy and operators of the Veracitor VX Series are afforded exceptional visibility by the Hi-Vis™ mast, ease of access with a low step height and benefit from a fully adjustable contoured armrest and interactive dash display once seated.

With an eye on continuous improvement, Yale has announced a series of updates to its 8-16 tonne capacity lift truck, with a new design that offers optimal visibility. Lift chains on the new-design, high-capacity lift trucks have been moved to the outside of the mast, increasing line of vision for the operator between the mast channels. The position of the channels and cross-members have also been optimised allowing for more space between the channels to further support operator visibility. The updates to the mast enable the operator to move confidently and precisely when handling loads. The repositioned chains and open carriage feature allow the driver to look through as well as over the carriage, providing them with a good view of the forks and the load

For line-feed operations and just-in-sequence and just-in-time applications, Yale has expanded its tow tractor range with two new rider models, offering greater towing capacities. The three-wheel MT70 and four-wheel MT80 tow tractors can be customised to support indoor to outdoor runs. The MT70 tow tractor can be fitted with roll-up PVC doors for outdoor use and offers outstanding manoeuvrability. The four-wheel MT80 tow tractor has a cab option with hinged doors that can be locked, and provides stability over rough or uneven surfaces. The ergonomics-centric philosophy of Yale is also present, with an easy one-step access into the tractor and a comfortable suspended seat. Both models are delivered fully prepped to work with the Yale Vision telemetry system, which provides convenient web-based asset management from anywhere, at any time.

Further developments have been carried out by Yale Europe Materials Handling with the two new options for its pedestrian power pallet truck range. The new precision-control tiler head and noise-reduction options allow the trucks to be used in a wider range of applications that will enable them to operate even more efficiently in applications with limited space or where quiet manoeuvres are essential.

Ideal for operators working in congested store aisles or trailers, the precision-control tiller head is designed to be used in an upright position, reducing the space required to operate the truck. There is no need for the operator to keep moving the handle up and down, making the truck well-suited for picking applications in corridors and narrow spaces. Yale is delighted that it’s now even easier for its customers to find the right solution to meet their needs within this growing industry.

For further information on the range of materials handling equipment from Yale visit www.yale.com.

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