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The knowledge and information platform for logistics topics, Logistik KNOWHOW, is now also available as an app for Android and iOS. This means that all of the 700 specialist articles currently available on the platform can be called up at any time, mobile and free of charge. In addition to the articles on logistics, intralogistics, warehouse management, e-commerce and supply chain management, the logistics glossary of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML has also been implemented in the app. The smartphone application Logistik KNOWHOW is developed by the software manufacturer DR. THOMAS + PARTNER (TUP) and can be downloaded from the Android and Apple app stores.

Approximately one year after the relaunch of the knowledge platform launched in 2012 and the expansion by contributions from scientific institutes, the corresponding app is now being released. “The app is the systematic development of our knowledge and information platform Logistik KNOWHOW into a sought-after interface between business and science. The app enables our users to read all available articles on the road and without an internet connection”, says Mathias Thomas, Managing Director of TUP. The high-quality contents of the platform are continuously expanded and adapted to current developments in the industry. Around 2,500 users visit Logistik KNOWHOW daily.

The Logistik KNOWHOW application was developed by TUP as a hybrid app in order to achieve a consistent presentation and operation on all platforms. It is kept in a minimalist design, which places the content of the articles in the foreground and makes reading them easier. All articles can be saved and read offline. Cross-links lead to further interesting topics and integrated YouTube videos can be played back in the app without any problems. In addition, the user can choose from three categories how much information he would like to see in the article overview. The articles can be filtered by category and the content of scientific institutes can be searched separately.

Focus On Science
In addition to contributions from the TUP editorial staff, various guest authors and scientists from different institutes expand the range of Logistik KNOWHOW articles. “For our students, in particular, Logipedia is an important tool for quickly gaining a foothold in their studies and becoming familiar with the terminology of the industry. The integration of the glossary contents into a news app on the subject of logistics is only the next logical step. In addition, current developments in logistics in times of autonomization and the advancement of artificial intelligence demonstrate that work on such a glossary never ends,” says Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Michael ten Hompel, managing director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML. The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML is responsible for the logistics glossary ‘Logipedia’, which has been an integral part of Logistik KNOWHOW for several months now. More than 4,000 definitions of terms from logistics are available to users both as a compact glossary and in the form of extended glossaries within the knowledge articles. Currently, four scientific institutes – the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML, the Chair for Materials Handling Material Flow Logistics (fml) Munich, the Institute for Technical Logistics and Work Systems (ITLA) Dresden and the Institute for Materials Handling and Logistics (IFT) Stuttgart – contribute findings from research to the knowledge platform.

“We are very pleased about the huge and positive response in the industry. And I am convinced that Logistik KNOWHOW still has a lot of potentials to reach more people. Logistics is an incredibly exciting and promising topic for the future, and hardly any sector of industry can turn a blind eye to it. The challenges for which many people need an answer are also growing, especially with the big issues of globalization and digitalization. We want to help provide incentives and knowledge,” concludes Mathias Thomas.

The software producer from the Karlsruhe area plans and completes modular internal logistics systems for domestic and international companies of various sizes and operating in different sectors. Its special areas of expertise include high-performance information systems for goods distribution centers, production logistics, e-commerce multi-channel operations, and the global vehicle and spare parts business. The services that it provides range from help with conceptual issues to planning and completing individual solutions and even selecting the suitable hardware. Its well-known customers include the Otto Group, Zalando, Canyon, arvato Adidas, Bosch, Subaru, and TUIfly.

Please note The app and the website aren’t available in English yet (German only). Nevertheless there will be a translated version in the future.

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