RHA Welcomes Government Funding To Keep Kent Moving After Brexit.

3 September, 19

The RHA welcomes the news that Government plans to keep Britain moving post-Brexit have been bolstered by an extra £20 million for preparations in Kent.

“It’s clear that Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps and his team have grasped the importance of a contingency plan to tackle congestion in Kent, post-Brexit,”

said RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett.

“The plans for Manston Airport and the implementation of border readiness checks to ensure drivers comply with Operation Brock are of course encouraging. However, we are still in the dark as regards clarity over the actual border crossing requirements.

“Government appears to be trying to bring some discipline to what has been up to now a chaotic and confusing system in the event of a ‘no-deal’. Hauliers and the logistics industry as a whole need to be fully prepared for unfamiliar customs and borders paperwork. It’s absolutely vital to the UK economy, and in particular the people of Kent that lorries continue to flow freely both into and out of the UK after 31 October.”

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