Fowler Welch And Pimpernel Wharf Work Together To Raise Brand Awareness.

27 June, 19

Multi award-winning chilled logistics specialist Fowler Welch is further demonstrating its commitment to continental cheese and charcuterie importer Pimpernel Wharf by investing in a new fleet of dual-branded trailers.

Promoting both companies, the fleet will hit the roads this month, raising the profile of Pimpernel Wharf while highlighting their expanding relationship with Fowler Welch.

Fowler Welch has been at the helm of Pimpernel Wharf’s chilled storage, picking and distribution to major retailers and wholesalers across the country since November, when it secured a three-year contract to be managed at the state-of-the-art facility in Nuneaton.

Since joining the range of big brands at Fowler Welch’s national distribution centre, Pimpernel Wharf has enjoyed its highest ever levels of customer service, being consistently impressed with Fowler Welch’s ability to react to their fast-paced and changing demands, handling over two million cases per year.

Daniel Stuart, owner and managing director of Pimpernel Wharf, said: “From the initial meeting, we were incredibly impressed with the entire Fowler Welch team and the facilities. Since implementation we have benefitted from the very highest levels of customer service.

“The team listen and respond quickly and professionally, bringing their knowledge and expertise to the fore so we can better focus on sourcing and supplying high quality cheese and charcuterie, while growing our business.

“We work extremely hard for our customers to deliver the service and quality of product they deserve and we expect our partners to do the same. It is clear Fowler Welch understands this and is prepared to go the extra mile with us. I see a bright future for this partnership.”

The dual-branded vehicles are testament to Fowler Welch’s commitment to continue strengthening its relationship with Pimpernel Wharf through initiatives such as brand building and brand awareness.

Fowler Welch was awarded the Pimpernel Wharf contract following a tender presentation and tour of the impressive Nuneaton facility. The supply chain expert was chosen based on its ability to seamlessly incorporate the customer’s range of products into its existing operations.

From day one Pimpernel Wharf experienced exceptional service levels following an emergency implementation that saw the entire operation move to Fowler Welch two months before the anticipated start date.

Mr Stuart added: “The way Fowler Welch responded to a very difficult situation, just in time for the Christmas rush, was remarkable. They were able to turn on the solution in a matter of days and this quick-thinking, flexible attitude is testament to their well earned reputation.”

Jonathan Lee, head of sales at Fowler Welch, said: “Bringing Pimpernel Wharf into Fowler Welch Nuneaton has been a really strong addition to our portfolio and the new fleet reflects the strength of the relationship. I’m incredibly proud that our skilled and knowledgeable team continues to provide industry leading service even under incredibly high-pressure circumstances and we look forward to continuing this standard as the relationship progresses.

“Fowler Welch always aims to understand its customers’ requirements and become an extension of their teams. The communication and reliability the team showed from the very start of the contract has given us a really powerful competitive edge.”

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