Your Essential Warehouse Cleaning Checklist.

Regular maintenance of your warehouse should be a central part of the company’s safety practices. This infographic from The Cleaning Services Group shows how keeping your warehouse environment spic-and-span can foster a healthy workplace atmosphere, increase efficiency, and reduce accidents.

Before Getting Started

• Establish consistent standards for cleaning your warehouse.
• Prepare a cleaning plan, including the tasks, timing and assigned staff duties.
• Train employees to be proactive about tackling mess in the workplace.
• Ensure all employees have access to sufficient cleaning equipment and supplies.
• Assign employees 10 minutes at the end of each day for cleaning.
• Schedule a regular date for a deep clean.
• Arrange clean-ups on slow shipping days.

Your Warehouse Cleaning Checklist

To Be Taken Care Of Immediately
• Mop up spills
• Pack away tools upon job completion
• Pick up and dispose of strapping
• Clean up wood and metal shavings
• Clean or repair illegible signboards

Daily Jobs
• Sweep floors
• Sweep sides and tops of stacks
• Clear passageways between stacks
• Recycle excess packaging
• Report and remove damaged products
• Discard broken pallets
• Clean and check the forklifts
• Keep outdoor areas clean and tidy
• Inspect for visible signs of infestation

Weekly Jobs
• Empty bins
• Clear racking of empty pallets and crates
• Remove debris, weeds or trash from the warehouse compound

Monthly Jobs
• Clear aisles of pallets, products, equipment, etc.
• Dust pallet racking and shelving
• Clean ventilators
• Dust rafters

Every 3-6 Months
• Sort small parts and loose products in cartons or tubs
• Sort obsolete products
• Strip the floors

The Benefits of A Clean Warehouse

Increased Productivity
Maintaining a clean working environment will make it easier for your staff to find the equipment and supplies they need, directly increasing productivity.

Comply with Safety Regulations
Many warehouse accidents are caused by safety violations. A clean warehouse creates a safe place for warehouse employees resulting in fewer injuries and accidents.

Improve Employee Health
Regular cleaning creates a healthier atmosphere by reducing dust levels and reducing the risk of vermin. This will help boost productivity as healthy employees are likely to take fewer sick days.

Less Damaged Merchandise
A clean warehouse will have less accidents that could potentially damage merchandise.

Your Warehouse Equipment Lasts Longer
Keeping equipment in a clean environment will help equipment to last longer as there will be less risk of accidents and metal corrosion.

More Accurate Inventory Levels
A well-organized warehouse provides more precise inventory levels, resulting in greater efficiency and lower operating costs.

Maintain A Professional Reputation
A clean and well-organised warehouse environment will make a positive impression on visiting clients and suppliers. A dirty and cluttered space may encourage prospective customers to take their business elsewhere.

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