Why You Need To Choose A Logistics Company You Can Trust This Christmas.

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South West Wales based Eezeeduzit Logistics is reminding businesses of the importance of choosing the right logistics partner, as Britain gears up to handle an estimated quarter of a billion parcels over Black Friday and the Christmas period.

Over the festive season last year, at least 12 million parcels went missing, as reported in the Telegraph, while the Mirror reported on Amazon drivers being forced to deliver 200 parcels a day, while receiving below a minimum wage and being refused time to take toilet breaks.

Emma Cooksley-Lewis, Director of Eezeeduzit, said:

“For many businesses, it’s the busiest time of year, and logistics could make or break you.

“So plan ahead as much as you can – look at previous year’s trends to give an idea of likely requirements.

“Building relationships with reliable, smaller logistics companies like Eezeeduzit Logistics can take the hassle away. We work in partnership with our customers to find out their peaks and troughs to help them plan their delivery requirements.”

Other advice from Eezeeduzit includes choosing a logistic partner who can offer flexible services, using tracking for time-sensitive deliveries and can handle any other special requirements you may have.

Cooksley-Lewis adds: “Check company reviews, see whether a company has experience of your particular sector, and plan ahead to consider things like weekend working and any deliveries needed between Christmas and New Year. Consider when you are likely to be at your busiest, and think about the extra resources you may need.”

While many companies find themselves panicking to get deliveries done in time for Christmas, and leave deliveries until the last minute, planning ahead avoids these problems.

Finally, it’s also important to check whether your suppliers have any events coming up which could affect orders or cause delays.

Covering all of the UK, family-owned Eezeeduzit has some three decades of industry experience. It aims to cover everything from simple personal deliveries to complex business-to-business subcontracting. It adopts a flexible approach and works hard to stay abreast of the latest technological developments.

With 30 years of experience in logistics, the company’s timed delivery services include same-day delivery, alongside tracked package, multi-drops, sub-contracted business-to-business services and advance delivery bookings.

The company recently invested in a real-time online Proof of Delivery Service which gives extra peace of mind with parcel tracking at no extra charge.

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