The Warehouse Auditor wins at UKWA Awards.

The Warehouse Auditor is proud to be the Winner of the 2016 UKWA Technical Innovation Award – only 4 months after product launch.

UKWA, the trade body for the Logistics Industry, presents these awards to show recognition of excellence in the Logistics Sector.

The Warehouse Auditor is unique, innovate and now an Award Winning Continual Improvement Tool for the Logistics and Warehousing sector.

The Warehouse Auditor is designed for measuring and managing continual improvement through photographic evidence based auditing against a set of meaningful criteria, complete with an audit scoring system, recommendations and corrective actions to ensure continual improvement in your Warehouse and Distribution Centre operations.

A software App for you to self-audit your own operations (with the aid of drop down menus and system prompts) as part of your continual improvement process in the following key areas:

  • Capacity Utilisation and Effectiveness of Layouts
  • Materials Handling and Storage Equipment
  • Control of Processes and Warehouse Systems
  • Inventory Management
  • Continuity Planning
  • General Management and Housekeeping
  • Control of Operational Costs


Specifically developed to save time, money, and resources, The Warehouse Auditor can significantly increase productivity, and efficiency within the day to day running of your business operation.

The Warehouse Auditor has been approved and is recommended by UKWA (the UK Warehousing Association) as the tool by which you can establish and maintain the effectiveness of your logistics infrastructure, assets and processes, enabling you to continually monitor, identify, implement corrective actions and measure improvements in your own operations.

Contact The Warehouse Auditor at or email Paul Miller on [email protected] to get further details.


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