VTL general cargo network trusts in transparency from Synfioo

For a period of three years, the general cargo cooperation VTL Vernetzte-Transport-Logistik GmbH will use Synfioo’s transport data to monitor its road freight transports. The cooperation, which started in 2020 and has now been communicated, is intended to bring more transparency to the supply chains as part of the visionary project VTL Next. The Synfioo products used by VTL include the OnTime Navigator, the GPS app and the telematics integration.

“Every day, more than 200 trucks drive to VTL’s cargo transshipment facilities (HUB) according to a fixed schedule – the majority of them during the night shift. The times for unloading and loading are timed precisely and delays lead to a massive coordination effort and adjustment of the operational activities in the HUB. Transparency is crucial for managing these processes. For this reason, we are now relying on the data quality of Synfioo for the monitoring of all truck transports from the depots to the transshipment companies,” says VTL Managing Director Johanna Birkhan. “The step to cooperate with the Potsdam start-up also supports us in the context of the future project VTL Next,
which was launched in spring 2020. Through this project, we want to position ourselves even more digitally, also learning from the experience of the Corona crisis, in order to further optimize the network.”

Synfioo will create complete supply chain visibility for VTL transports as part of the three year collaboration. For this, in addition to data from VTL, over 70 possible disruptive variables will be used to create a precise estimated time of arrival (ETA). Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) make these results more precise. Among other things, these enable VTL and its partners to make accurate ETA predictions for the trucks, suggest alternative routes and track shipments in real time.

“General cargo alliances with their various partners also have demanding structures on the IT side. Within a one-week test phase, we were able to convince VTL of our solutions and are now looking forward to supporting the company in the long term in achieving its goals within VTL Next in the best possible way,” says Marian Pufahl, CEO of Synfioo, explaining the motives behind the agreed contract.

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