The first certified European freight forwarders underway.

The first Young DSV class consists of 18 carefully recruited young people from six different countries: United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Norway and Romania. As part of their education, they have all been employed full time by DSV as junior freight forwarders; and for the next two years, they will be meeting regularly to attend eight theoretical modules. The last module is the final project and exam leading to a European Diploma in freight forwarding.

Securing our young freight forwarder pipeline

Last week, the class gathered for the first time at the DSV global HQ in Hedehusene, Denmark, to attend the first module. They were welcomed by Global Head of Training and Education Jan M. Jensen who is responsible for the programme:

“The central idea is that all our freight forwarders should have the same education, allowing us to work from a joint platform of experience and best practice. And we need to secure a pipeline of young freight forwarders who can work throughout the entire global organisation”.

Getting off to an inspired start

For the kick off, on Monday 7 December, CEO Jens Bjørn Andersen arrived to greet the young DSV’s and give them some insight into the organisation – and food for thought for their careers in DSV:

“Did you know that I started my career in DSV as a trainee? If you’re ambitious, you can go all the way in DSV. We have a proud tradition of internal recruitment on all levels, including our chief executive positions,” Mr Andersen began. He then went on to inspire the students to travel with DSV and get some international experience.

“It’s important to see the world when you’re young, and it’s important for our global organisation that you experience the diversity of our business and cultures,” he said and continued:

“I would like to see more diversity among our future leaders, and it starts with you. If you work hard and engage with DSV, I promise you that we will engage with you – whether you prefer to continue to work and develop as a freight forwarder or become a future leader”.

Future ambitions

With the first class of young DSV’s well on its way – completing the first theoretical module by the end of the week – the ambition going forward is to extend the programme to also include specialisation in air and sea freight forwarding as well as logistics solutions. Another ambition is to absorb all graduates into the global DSV organisation, and hopefully encourage them to regularly migrate across the DSV world to build their network and experience.

Global Transport and Logistics

DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics services. We have offices in more than 70 countries and an international network of partners and agents, making us a truly global player that offers services worldwide. The effective, professional solutions provided by the company’s 23,000 employees enabled DSV to record worldwide revenue of 6.5 billion euro for 2014.

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