Shears Bros partners with Ryder

Christchurch-based Shears, owned by and previously a founder member of Pall-Ex (UK), recently took delivery of eight XF480 Space cabs, four LF230 18-tonners and two CF230 18-tonners. Shears has also just ordered some XF480 Super Space cabs for delivery later in the year. By the end of 2020, the Shears fleet will be almost entirely Ryder-supplied.

As well as being responsible for the BH, DT, SP and some SO postcodes for Pall-Ex, Shears also runs a nationwide general haulage operation, which is split 60/40 between tramping and day work, hence the specification of both Space and Super Space cabs.

Some of the rigids have been supplied with full-closure cantilever tail-lifts to meet Pall-Ex’s health and safety requirements, while the remainder are fitted with tuck-under tail-lifts to facilitate rear door deliveries at RDCs.

All the trucks are fitted with the Microlise telematics system.

Colin Hawkins, Pall-Ex Director of UK Owned Operations, said: “I’ve used Ryder in the past and I had a really good working relationship with the local depot. Shears operates throughout the UK and needs a partner that can support us with national breakdown coverage so we’re secure in the knowledge that we’ve got 24/7 support across the country. Ryder takes the pressure off us and gives us peace of mind.”

He also cited Ryder’s buying power with DAF as a key factor in its tender being price-competitive.

“I’m really impressed with Ryder New Equipment Director Steve Williams’ pro-active approach: he arranged for DAF dealer Ford & Slater to provide the driver training when the new vehicles were handed over, and has kept us up to date on the latest technological developments and R&D that Ryder is working on, the TRAILAR solar mats for example,” Hawkins added.

“It’s important that Ryder is actively looking at the future: when these vehicles need replacing in five to six years, it’s good to know that Ryder is carrying out R&D on diesel alternatives and will be able to help us make an informed decision about our next move.”

Hawkins concluded: “We’re really pleased with the trucks. With the black livery, they look really smart. And we’ve had good feedback from the drivers and our customers.”

Steve Williams, Ryder New Equipment Director, said: “It’s fantastic that Ryder has been able to support Shears, providing fit-for-purpose vehicles, and we look forward to this relationship continuing. Our partnership with Shears marks Ryder’s first link with a Pall-Ex member, and we look forward to working with other network members in the future.”

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