Schmitz Cargobull’s Trailer Telematics Fit The Bill For Gist.

Schmitz Cargobull Service Partners have retrofitted 120 reefers with TrailerConnect telematics for cold chain logistics supplier Gist, turning each one into a ‘smart’ trailer so the operator can proactively monitor its performance while on the road.

Gist was already operating 54 Schmitz Cargobull units factory-fitted with the system, and decided to upgrade the rest of the fleet with TrailerConnect after being impressed by the depth of data delivered by the smart trailers.

The fresh and frozen produce logistics provider can now remotely monitor the internal temperature, tyre condition and door security of all its refrigerated trailers from a single dashboard – using the information to make planning decisions that reduce running costs and maximise fleet uptime.

Sam de Beaux, Engineering Director at Gist, says: “We’ve had impressive results from our existing smart trailers, which have been more cost-effective to run and easier to maintain. Schmitz Cargobull’s telematics retrofit service means we can enjoy those benefits across the whole of our fleet; it was not a difficult decision to upgrade our existing assets.”

TrailerConnect can now be easily retrofitted to a reefer from any manufacturer, after Schmitz Cargobull launched its new retrofit programme in 2018.

All fitments on Gist’s trailers were carried out by Schmitz Cargobull’s specially trained Service Partners, including Crusely Trailer Engineering in Grays.

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