Returnloads Warehouse Exchange About To Break Through The 3,000 Member Level.

Image of inside a Warehouse

The Warehouse Exchange membership of Returnloads is set to break through the 3,000 member level in September 2018. The success of the warehouse exchange continues, as the online warehouse matching portal is proving to be a huge benefit to Warehouses and Hauliers.

Richard Newbold confirmed this week that the Warehouse Exchange has beaten all expectations, and is already receiving numerous space enquiries, which are being passed through the WX members, who in turn are now getting many enquiries that they would otherwise have missed out on.

Returnloads CEO Richard Newbold explains,

‘’As the leading freight exchange platform in the UK, Returnloads has always been looking for new ways to increase the benefits to our loyal members. We understand exactly what our members require and we will continue to innovate and provide the Returnloads membership with a comprehensive platform which includes haulage loads, warehousing enquiries and the complete logistics package’’

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