Racksack Waste Management System helps workplaces to clean up

Rapid and effective collection and segregation of waste in distribution centres and warehouses is provided with the racksack, now available from visual communications specialist, Beaverswood.

Manufactured from hard-wearing woven polypropylene to withstand the rigours of the warehouse environment, the racksack hangs neatly off the ends of shelving and racking systems that are between 900mm to 1100mm wide – locators simply hook into the holes of the side profile of the end frames and allow the sack to be quickly removed and emptied.

The racksack improves picking operations, helping to keep the workplace tidier and free from potential slip or trip hazards. It also contributes to saving floor space, as pickers are able to handily dispose of cardboard, paper, plastic, clips and other common waste, which can then be emptied into onsite balers and skips before being sent away for offsite recycling.

This enables operators to achieve significant improvements in the efficient segregation and management of waste materials as staff pick and fulfil delivery orders in 24/7 operations.

Sacks, which measure 800mm high x 920mm wide x 400mm deep, are available in several design options – 1 x blank; 13 x text and symbol; and 5 x symbol only – and are supplied in individual units or packs of five or 10.

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