Pokémon Go players advised to stay safe at FTA ‘PokéStop.

The Freight Transport Association’s (FTA) head office in Tunbridge Wells is identified as a ‘PokéStop’ in Pokémon Go – the latest craze to hit smartphones.

Dozens of players – or Pokémon trainers as they’re known – have been dropping by the iconic building to collect eggs, balls and Pokémon in the virtual reality game.

Now the Association has put up a sign on the wall outside to ensure players don’t wander onto the driveway as they’re trying to locate the correct spot on the building.

FTA Facilities Manager Liz Hollands said: “The Pokémon game has gone crazy since it was launched last week and we’ve had lots of people stopping outside the FTA office in Tunbridge Wells to play. But sometimes they’re so keen to catch a Pokémon that they stand in the driveway, putting themselves in danger as cars come in and out of the car park.

“We have decided to have a special sign made to make sure they stop in a safe place – we don’t want to spoil the fun but it’s important they stay safe as well.”

The sign bearing the Pokémon Go logo says ‘Stop here – catch them if you can – but stay safe too’ and is located near the pedestrian gate to the FTA building in St John’s Road.

The game, which has already attracted millions of players in America where it was launched, is free to download on Android and iPhones and has been credited with getting young people out walking instead of playing indoors on their games consoles.



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