ParcelHero says amateur golf could be out of the rough.

International courier reveals golfing equipment deliveries have doubled

London-based international courier ParcelHero says its latest statistics call into question the claim made by some sports pundits that amateur golf is in in steep decline. The company, which has made something of a speciality of shipping golfing equipment both in the UK and abroad, has found that the number of golfing items it has handled has doubled year-on-year.

While some experts predict further golf course closures and a further decline in club membership numbers, ParcelHero says its figures for October 2014 show twice as much golfing equipment has been sent as the same month in 2013. From clubs to Spain, Holland, Italy and Germany, to vintage woods to the US and even club cleaning and levelling devices to Australia, golfing equipment seems more in demand than ever.

ParcelHero spokesman David Jinks MILT says: ‘It’s not a scientific measure, but the rise in the number of golfing items being mailed is surely one indicator of the popularity of the sport at amateur level. And as ParcelHero has become something of a long-distance caddy in recent years, we can certainly say that in terms of the mailing of golf equipment, the sport seems is healthier than ever.’

Says David: ‘October’s golf-related mailings were very strong, as they have been all year. Perhaps it was the “McIlroy Factor” still in action, but certainly our customers were sending everything from golf shoes and flags to motorised trolleys.’

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For more information please contact David Jinks, Head of PR, on [email protected] or by phone on 0208 7584962 (07772 055748 out of office hours)

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