Online retailers should prepare for ‘Manic Monday’ says

The spending’s not over yet, says internet guru Roger Sumner-Rivers

Following mixed international Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, online retailers should brace themselves for Manic Monday, says internet guru Roger Sumner-Rivers, founder of pioneering online international courier services serves 220 countries across the globe, and Roger says that all the indications are that there could still be another peak shopping day ahead. ‘ParcelHero saw double the amount of money spent this year over the Black Friday-Cyber Monday period, but with overall Black Friday sales down in the US, we think there is more on-line shopping to be done. We think Monday 8th December could well become “Manic Monday”’

Says Roger: ‘Overall Black Friday sales in the US sales dropped 5.2%. However online sales were up by 20.6%. With cold snaps in the UK and snow across many states in the US, there could well be a further major online sales day, as more last-minute shoppers decide to avoid the Malls and go online.’

He continues: ‘Our doubling of business during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday period reflects people securing online bargains and then sending them as gifts to relatives or selling them on through channels such as eBay. Parcel traffic to the US and Australia rose significantly after Black Friday. That might indicate that not everyone has finished buying across America and Australia yet. We are anticipating a further burst of activity next Monday as time runs out for shoppers. All our research has shown customers are prepared to leave their purchases later than ever this year, as trust in international mailing services such as ParcelHero to get the items delivered in time for Christmas grows’.

In the UK Black Friday sales reached £810 million, bursting IMRG’s predictions by nearly 50%. However, Cyber Monday volumes are likely to be down on this. Amazon’s Black Friday was its busiest ever, it sold more than 5.5 million items, highlighting the popularity of the event online. Roger points out that: ‘High Street stores did particularly well where they linked closely to their online offering. John Lewis had its best ever sales week with Black Friday, revenues of £179.1m. It’s interesting to see that its online traffic was up 42%. If retailers in the UK and across the world maintain some of their very competitive deals, I don’t think the spending spree has ended yet.’

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