Oldendorff Carriers, Germany’s largest bulk shipping company selects SEDNA to enhance communication workflows across its digital workplace

Oldendorff Carriers, one of the world’s leading dry bulk owners and operators, has chosen SEDNA as its digital team workspace to boost collaboration and workflow processes for 250 users across the Operations and Marine Accounting teams based in all offices worldwide. SEDNA’s team communication software will enable Oldendorff to optimise workflows and unify processes creating greater productivity and significantly reducing the time spent on email management.

Heiko Kersten, Director Operations at Oldendorff Carriers notes: “SEDNA will support the company to provide a digital workplace for our teams. With this solution, we expect to optimise the email management system for our individual users, while enhancing transparency and collaboration. As a result, we will be able to unify our internal processes and streamline workflows, ensuring that our teams are working as efficiently and effectively as possible.”

Bill Dobie, CEO & Founder of SEDNA says: “We’re delighted to be working with such a renowned player in the shipping industry. When you’re running a business with a fleet of over 750 vessels and many times more live projects running at any given time, accurate, timely and easy-to-access communication in one place is crucial for a company like Oldendorff Carriers. With SEDNA, Oldendorff Carriers can transcend endless email chains which often bury important information and stifle productivity. SEDNA’s digital workplace ensures a single source of truth for vessel management and communications. As a result, we’re able to close the loop with email messaging and provide a digital hub which keeps communication in one place.”

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