New opensider trailer from Schmitz Cargobull means the show goes on for Entertec.

Professional audio services and event transport business Entertec has taken delivery of a tailor-made trailer from Schmitz Cargobull, designed to support its events business.

The Schmitz Cargobull FP25 dry freight box van trailer will be used to transport large audio hardware across the UK and mainland Europe, with a bespoke folding wall that allows loading either from the rear or the side.

Entertec specifically requested this so that for live events, the trailer can offer the versatility of both conventional rear-door loading, and side-door loading for exhibition contracts involving large, bulky crates and set pieces.

James Tossell, Director, Entertec, says: “All of the four trailers we operate are designed for very specific needs and our latest purchase from Schmitz Cargobull is no exception. We chose Schmitz Cargobull because others in our industry highly recommended them on the basis of trailer quality and performance. We are very pleased to receive a trailer that fits exactly with our unique requirements.”

Supplied on Cargobull Finance, Entertec’s trailer includes a variety of features designed to help the business carry out its transportation operations more efficiently and effectively.

The base frame includes ferry shackles for overseas journeys, while a compressed airgun with a 15m hose means operatives can easily clean the rails on the floor on which the side door slides. FERROPLAST® insulation in the roof, sliding door, sidewall, bulkhead  and rear door also reduces condensation formation inside the trailer, making the Schmitz Cargobull trailer the obvious choice for transporting high-value, moisture-sensitive items.

Entertec was also attracted by the low maintenance requirements of the galvanised and bolted chassis, plus the strength of Schmitz Cargobull’s European support network.

James says: “We expect to use our new trailer extensively across Europe. Therefore, while we don’t expect to have any equipment issues, you never can predict the future. Schmitz Cargobull has a very strong pan-European network so when I realised we could get servicing and parts quickly and easily wherever we are, I knew that we really wanted a Schmitz Cargobull trailer.”

Entertec expects to be able to run its new trailer for at least a decade.


Editor’s notes:
Schmitz Cargobull (UK) is a subsidiary company of the German-owned Schmitz Cargobull Group, the biggest and leading manufacturer and supplier of semi-trailers in Europe. The Schmitz Cargobull Group has manufacturing plants in Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Russia and China, and employs over 5,100 people. In the last financial year (2013/2014), Schmitz Cargobull had a turnover of approximately €1.624 billion and produced more than 45,300 trailers.

A number of additional services complete the company profile: Cargobull Finance for leasing and lease purchasing; Schmitz Cargobull Parts & Services for vehicle servicing and spare parts; Schmitz Cargobull Service Partners for repairs and maintenance; Schmitz Cargobull Telematics for trailer telematics and Schmitz Cargobull Trailer Store for used trailers. Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated units are constructed using the company’s FERROPLAST® Thermo Technology modular steel-skinned panels to keep loads at the desired temperature.

Visit Schmitz Cargobull UK’s dedicated online press room at

Press Contact UK:                                                                   

James Keeler or James Boley
Garnett Keeler PR
Tel: 020 8647 4467
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Company Contact Europe:

Gerd Rohrsen, Corporate Public Relations
Silke Hesener, Manager Public Relations
Tel: +49 02558 811501
Email: [email protected]


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