New guide reveals how temporary buildings can provide the answers.

Businesses seeking extra space are being urged to consider a quick, flexible and cost-effective solution.

All types of companies need additional storage at times – whether it’s to boost short-term capacity or create long-term semi-permanent warehousing. And Spaciotempo has now produced a guide which reveals the main advantages of its temporary buildings compared to other storage solutions. The document, entitled ‘Temporary Building Basics’, available to download at, also dispels some common misconceptions about temporary structures.

It spells out the huge variety of potential applications for a Spaciotempo building and explains how the company’s innovative solutions can save both time and money compared to either a permanent build or off-site storage.

As market leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of temporary structures, Spaciotempo is well placed to help decision-makers get the most from their business. So the guide includes details on the flexibility of a temporary solution and 10 steps which show how the installation process can be both brief and painless.

It answers questions about the need for groundworks or planning consent and, importantly, reveals how Spaciotempo stacks up against its competitors by providing a string of key issues to look for when comparing quotations. Scott Jameson, managing director of Spaciotempo, said:

“Almost every business, regardless of size or in which sector it operates, will identify a need for additional storage from time to time – whether it’s to get them over a seasonal peak or for something more long-term.

“This guide explains how our temporary buildings can provide a solution which is flexible, quick, adaptable and cost-effective.

“They can be used for almost anything – from storage and warehousing with loading bays and canopies, to workshops, manufacturing and maintenance areas.

“They’re used as sports halls, gyms, car showrooms, supermarkets and garden centres – and though our structures can be hired for as little as three months, they’re strong and durable enough to be used as a semi-permanent option.

“The guide is a good way to help people understand both the versatility of the structures and how they could work for their particular requirement.”


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