MAJ Deputy DG To Chair IMO Sub-Committee.

Claudia Grant, elected of chairman of IMO

Claudia Grant, Deputy Director General of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), has been elected chairman of an important sub-committee of the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

An experienced maritime professional, Mrs Grant now chairs the Sub Committee on Implementation of IMO Instruments (III), having been elected during the 5th session of the Sub Committee held September 24-28, 2018 in London. She has served as vice chair for the past year.

An MAJ spokesperson said:

“This is great and welcome news for Jamaica and indeed the Caribbean, the Ministry of Transport and Mining in Jamaica, and the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, which is the focal point for the IMO in Jamaica.

“This election is timely, as this year the IMO celebrates its 70th year since the IMO Convention was adopted and 60 years since it entered into force. It brings recognition to Jamaica and the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, and, shows Jamaica’s commitment to implementation of the IMO conventions and regulations.”

Becoming chairman of III is a personal milestone for Mrs Grant who has served as President of the Women in Maritime Association Caribbean (WiMAC) since its inception in 2015. WiMAC was launched in April 2015 under the auspices of the International Maritime Organization, with membership from 16 Caribbean Countries.

Claudia Grant is an experienced maritime professional who has been involved in the maritime industry in the Caribbean for nearly three decades. A graduate of the University of the West Indies and the World Maritime University, Malmö, Sweden, she has worked at the regional level with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) Secretariat where she had responsibility for proposing and overseeing the implementation of policies and projects for the sustainable development of maritime transportation in the Member States of the region.

Her wealth of experience covers the regulatory, policy and operational spheres of the industry having worked in ports, maritime administration and at the policy level, regionally and nationally.

She also spearheaded the establishment of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica (MAJ), the country’s maritime administration. She is credited with the implementation of ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System at the MAJ in 2004. The MAJ remains ISO certified having graduated to ISO 9001:2015.

To meet the IMO deadline in 1998 Grant successfully managed the project unit at the Ministry of Transport in Jamaica, charged with the responsibility for developing systems, procedures and legislation for implementing the IMO revised Convention governing the training and certification of seafarers (STCW 95).

Similarly, she was instrumental in the development of policies, systems and procedures for the establishment and operation of the Jamaica Ship Registry, administered by the Maritime Authority of Jamaica. In 2011, she participated in the inaugural Maritime Public Leaders Programme hosted by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore.

Since 2016, Grant has participated in the conduct of audits under the IMO Member State Audit Scheme. The mandatory audit of all Member States commenced from 1 January 2016,​with the aim of determining the extent to which they give full and complete effect to their obligations and responsibilities contained in a number of IMO treaty instruments.

Mrs Grant brings a wealth of knowledge to the position as Chairman of III. At the 5th Session of the III sub-committee, her election was proposed by France and seconded by Argentina with full support from the floor.

Mrs Grant said:

“I am humbled and elated to be elected chairman of this very important Committee, which carries out the work of the International Maritime Organization of which Jamaica is a member State. I am grateful for the confidence placed in Jamaica by member States and for the support and encouragement I received from Rear Admiral (Ret’d) Peter Brady. This is also a historic achievement for Jamaica and the Caribbean.

“Representation at III sessions, affords Jamaica and the Caribbean the opportunity for networking with other Flag Sates – developed and developing – thereby gaining greater understanding of the issues and participating in the process, which determines standards that will affect operations. I am happy to be serving my country, my region and my company.”

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