Last Class 66 locomotive arrives in the UK via ABP Newport.


The import of the last Class 66 locomotives to the UK by GB Railfreight (GBRf) was discharged at ABP’s Port of Newport last week.

The Port of Newport has a long history with the rail sector and this latest delivery took the number of locomotives handled by the port in the past ten years up to 113.

This latest shipment of seven class 66 locomotives arrived at Newport after travelling across the Atlantic on the Happy Dragon vessel from the Electro-Motive Diesel factory in Indiana, USA.  They were then discharged at Newport directly from the vessel on to the ports railway line for onwards travel to Doncaster.

The Port of Newport’s rail infrastructure makes it a popular and convenient choice for locomotive shipments. Its ability for them to be lifted from the vessel straight on to the port’s railway line means they are instantly linked to the national rail network. This allows for easy access to the rest of Great Britain.

Chris Green, ABP Port Manager for Cardiff and Newport, said: “Class 66 locomotives are a familiar sight across the country. We’re proud that the great facilities and rail links at ABP Newport have been utilised in their import to UK. We’ll be looking out to see if any of the locomotives end up back on our ports handling cargo.”

The first Class 66 locomotive arrived in the UK via ABP Immingham in 1998. Shipments then shifted to the Port of Newport where they have been frequently discharging ever since.

This particular shipment was the result of GBRf expanding their fleet of Class 66 locomotives in the UK to 78, showcasing the level of investment they are making in their fleet and allowing them to continue to support their customers across a range of markets.

Robert Tiller, Head of Engineering for GB Railfreight, said

“The Port of Newport has excellent rail links which is why we have chosen them to receive all of our shipments of Class 66 locomotives from the US. We are grateful for the support they have given us and look forward to working together again in future”.


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