Jet Environmental Systems Is Pushing The Technology Boundary.

Jet Environmental, the UK leader of large-scale temperature and humidity control solutions is solidifying its position as the industry’s technology leader in HVAC systems.

In the last twelve months, the company has addressed some interesting and varied challenges that is making it apparent that Jet Environmental is the go-to business for unusual technical solutions.

Managing director of Jet Environmental, Jason Hibbs, said,

“We have always been proud of our technical focus, with PhD studies in both air nozzle design and advanced control systems to reduce energy consumption. But we are also loving the technical challenges and emerging opportunities that different markets are presenting to us”.

With applications in fine wine, recreating the temperature and humidity stability of an ancient French cave to storage of priceless art, Jet Environmental is looking for more difficult, technical and challenging projects to test its expertise.

To find out how Jet Environmental systems can tailor HVAC systems for your business’ needs, visit

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