iSquares SSO – Providing Security And Peace Of Mind For Logistics.

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Using the unique cutting-edge technology that iSquares provides, logistics operators now have a solution that will save time and money and have additional security benefits with peace of mind.

With The iSquares Single Sign-On (SSO) platform, drivers can login using just one scan of the unique iSquares QR code.

iSquares SSO avoids confusion as the single scan enables drivers to access multiple applications in seconds. As a result, each driver will save an invaluable 15-20 minutes out of their working day cutting the time normally spent logging on to numerous sites, meaning they can get ‘on the road’ more efficiently and reducing the time and stress normally involved.

“The digital era is part and parcel of the logistics sector and is shaping the future of how the transport industry works,” says iSquares Director June Powell. “We constantly hear about how important it is to have a fleet management solution promising to improve efficiency and driver behaviour – iSquares SSO platform delivers that and so much more.”

“This technology provides logistics operators the solution to running an efficient, safe and environmentally friendly business, as well as giving their drivers a ‘life jacket’ connecting them to the organisation and negating the need for multiple logins by providing one platform to integrate everything they need to run a successful operation.”

The unique iSquares QR code (which is impossible to counterfeit) can store the drivers In Case of Emergency and next of kin information, it instantly shows all this information plus vital health details and can be easily displayed on any mobile device or a printed label including PPE.

With new developments and legislation being introduced on a day-to-day basis logistics operators require the most efficient and cost-effective method of running their businesses to ensure they are compliant.

Commenting on the technology iSquares provides through the SSO – Graham Bellman Group Fleet Director of Travis Perkins said:

“With so many applications now available to run an efficient and compliant operation, this solution is long overdue within the industry and will be invaluable to any business, to be able to integrate multiple applications on one platform which the user can access via a single scan will mean time savings across businesses which ultimately saves money”.

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