How new software is helping to revolutionise international freight services

Clients of an award-winning provider of international logistic and freight services can now book and track their shipments in real time, at the touch of a button, thanks to industry-leading new software.

Forward-thinking Simarco Worldwide Logistics is driving ahead with digital innovation and partnered with logistics software provider, CocoonFMS® – an industry leader in supply chain digitalisation – to hugely speed up and streamline the freight process.

Customers now have much more control at their fingertips. They can easily book and track their own shipments with real-time tracking, print off labels, and upload/download important documents such as Customs Clearance (C88) and Proof of Delivery.

Simarco decided to partner with CocoonFMS® because of their extensive skills and experience in supply chain digitalisation. CocoonFMS®’s revolutionary portal, CocoonTMP, easily integrated with the Simarco transport management and tracking solutions.

The portal was implemented in phases from soft launch through to full implementation and new features and functionality will continue to be added.

‘Industry leading portal’

Simarco Managing Director, Trevor Scott, said: “We have invested into this as we want to create an industry leading portal as we continue to grow the business to a range of diverse customers.
“The portal helps streamline the processes and aligns to our systems, so we can track the job at every stage and share the milestones with our customers. The portal is well on the way to achieving this and we will continue to invest to broaden the use and value.”

For Simarco IT Director, Kevin Jezzard, the project was his first significant challenge since joining the company in April 2020. He said: “Finding the right partner for this project was critical; the solution and outcomes were imperative and finding people with industry experience who could understand and transform our vision was essential. From the first meeting to our soft launch, CocoonFMS have proved themselves as the right choice.”

‘Increasing productivity and creating cost savings’

CocoonFMS® Managing Partner, James Blackman, said: “We were delighted to work with Simarco on this project and to deliver their vision of an improved, more responsive process for their customers. Our innovative software solutions are digitalising the supply chain in a way that increases productivity and creates cost savings and operating efficiencies for logistics companies and freight-forwarders.

“This is at the same time as providing accurate data, such as real-time tracking, and greater connectivity for clients. The smart portal has a range of features all designed to speed up and simplify the often complex process of logistics management and is a real industry game-changer.”

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