FTA Response To House Of Commons Public Accounts Committee Report On Apprenticeships Progress.

Commenting on the apprenticeships report from the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee to be published on 22 March 2019, FTA Head of UK Policy Christopher Snelling said:

“The Committee is right that adjustments under the Apprenticeship Levy have failed to deliver much increased benefit to the UK’s skills base. FTA believes this is because apprenticeships, whilst great for those to whom they are suited, are not and never will be the total answer to our skills needs”

He went on “in logistics we are crying out for more skilled workers, in HGV driving and in engineering. And yet FTA’s members are only claiming back a small proportion of the money they contribute under the Apprenticeship Levy because apprenticeships are not suited to the training needs of our people or our companies.

“FTA wants to see the Apprenticeship Levy turned into a Training Levy, with industry able to actually able to use the funds to enable people to join and to progress in our industry and deal with the skills shortage we actually face.”

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee’s report “The apprenticeships programme: progress review” is published Wednesday 22 May and is available Click Here.

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