Fresh thinking for seafood supplier with fleXipod proof of delivery software.

Improved delivery visibility and customer service for T&S Enterprises with fully integrated ePOD solution
T&S Enterprises Ltd is an expert buyer, processor and supplier of quality tuna and other seafood products, with a processing facility in North London providing rapid packing and distribution of a huge range of fish and ingredients. Completely focussed upon the time-critical nature of providing incredibly fresh produce to demanding customer schedules, and delivering using an in-house fleet of vehicles, T&S has implemented the fleXipod solution to provide supply chain visibility through to successful delivery.

Following the opening of fish markets at 3am, T&S works to a stringent schedule with preparation and packing completed by 7:30am and all drivers leaving the premises by 8am at the latest. “We are proud to supply some of the finest restaurants and seafood retail outlets in the UK by handling only the highest quality fish and seafood from around the world” comments T&S Enterprises. “Our customers demand first class products and we thrive in the challenge of providing only the best.” With prompt delivery a paramount concern, fleXipod has streamlined operations by minimising time spent on paperwork and allowing immediate data visibility for rapid resolution of any deviations.

By utilising the fleXipodiface middleware provided by the fleXipod support team, all routes, delivery data, outcomes, GPS positions and timestamps are communicated in real-time to and from the existing SAGE system used by T&S. In addition, due to the extremely fluid nature of the delivery operation, the fleet drivers have the power to “skip” drops should customer requirements change on-the-fly; the reason for delay is captured, and the solution prompts a redelivery attempt at a relevant time to drive successful delivery within originally anticipated windows.

The fleXipod forms module is extensively used to drive further operational visibility and ensure compliance with procedures. Vehicle checks are prompted at the start of the delivery shifts, and critical information including ice levels and freezer operation is captured at appropriate stages. As typically utilised within B2B operations, proof-of-delivery capture includes signatory name in addition to signature to ensure supply chain completion and facilitate invoicing.

Beyond initial implementation, the fleXipod team is providing a specialised report to allow T&S to forward delivery confirmation directly to the customer from the fleXipod management console. “We are looking forward to more enhancements” adds T&S Enterprises. “We thrive for perfection and quality, and, having implemented fleXipod, we aim to meet and surpass our customers’ requirements and expectations.”

Luke Robinson, Commercial Account Manager at fleXipod, remarks “fleXipod is allowing T&S to augment its customer service provision and we are especially delighted to support the incredibly detailed and efficient processes T&S follows in order to meet customer requirements in an incredibly tight timeframe. We look forward to providing further functionality when released by our development team.”

About fleXipod
Established in 1995, Axida specialises in fulfilment software solutions which improve customer service and the bottom line.
Cloud based fleXipod is a proof of fulfilment solution providing user tracking and instant debrief information for seamless integration with your preferred central management system.

In addition to standard proof of fulfilment functionality, fleXipod enables users to create, manage, deploy and utilise fully configurable data capture forms allowing the simple amendment of the mobile user “workflow” to meet a variety of business requirements. As well as standard required actions following specific task outcomes – signature on screen following successful delivery, additional note capture regarding damaged installation part, photograph of premises if end client not present and so on – the forms management module allows a further level of data to be captured with the specific details completely under user control.
fleXipod provides comprehensive, usable business data and can be implemented using PDA, tablet, ruggedised and smartphone devices, with a maximum price of £35 per mobile user, per month.

About T&S
We pride ourselves in supplying the freshest fish and quality ingredients from around the world. Our customers demand first class products and we thrive in the challenge of providing only the best.

Our expert buyers travel around the globe to procure our tuna and other seafood products directly from the fishing ports of the world’s oceans. Sustainability of fishing stocks is important to us as our Japanese roots have deeply engraved into our everyday lives a respect for the sea and the fish that come from it. With this in mind we always follow the strict control of fishing quotas and import regulations. Most importantly, our customers will always know where the product has come from, whether it be from the edge of the Pacific Ocean or from local waters off the Cornish coast.

At our processing factory in north London our quality products are quickly processed, packed and delivered with our customers’ schedules in mind. We handle a wide range of fish and ingredients and are happy to supply any size of order. Our aim is to provide high quality fish from around the world and deliver it to your door.

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