Fraikin Warns Fleets To Act Now Or Pay A Higher Price For Driver CPC Training After Brexit.

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Contract hire, fleet management and rental specialist Fraikin says fleets should not wait for Brexit before booking Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training, with less than a year to go until the second five-year block deadline for drivers with acquired rights.

All HGV drivers with acquired rights must complete 35 hours of periodic training before September 9th 2019 in order to remain legally compliant – with DVSA statistics suggesting there is still 75 per cent of the training to complete. After that date, anyone caught driving professionally without having renewed their Driver CPC qualification can be fined up to £1,000 by the DVSA.

While some companies believe the Driver CPC programme will be scrapped after Brexit, John Penny, Fraikin’s Training and Compliance Manager, admits this is highly doubtful, and fears they will risk paying significantly more if they leave their training until the last minute.

He says: “Whatever happens with Brexit, it’s unlikely that Driver CPC training will change in the short term. We therefore can’t emphasise enough how important it is for companies to book their drivers onto courses now. If they wait, they could struggle to find places next year as there simply won’t be capacity for a huge percentage of the industry to all be trained in the final few months.”

Fraikin is helping fleets to ensure their drivers complete training on-time by organising week-long courses, certified and audited by the Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training (JAUPT). Held at its Coventry depot in Oak Tree Road from January to August 2019, the company will also use an external training provider to offer additional courses on Saturdays. Courses can also be booked individually or as part of a full week’s training.

The accredited course syllabus covers the rules and regulations governing the road transport industry; LGV-specific regulations; loading and best practice; vehicle safety, control systems and efficiency; and customer services and driver best practice.

Drivers or firms booking places before the end of 2018 will pay just £60 per driver, per day – reduced to £40 for Fraikin customers. This covers seven hours’ training, a certificate of attendance and prompt upload of details to the DVLA database upon completion.

Penny adds: “Drivers are the lifeblood of the road transport industry, so it’s crucial they act now and don’t get left behind. We want to make it easy for them to complete their entire training in one go, and our weekly courses allow them to do just that.”

On September 12th 2009 – just two days after Driver CPC legislation came into force – Fraikin became one of the first firms in the country to commence its JAUPT-accredited training programme. Seventy HGV drivers took part in the first day’s training, split between four courses held by Fraikin in the Midlands.

The company has offered Driver CPC training ever since, successfully training thousands of HGV drivers from across the UK. Walker Timber has been putting its drivers through their Driver CPC training with Fraikin for almost 10 years.

David Fleming, Director at Walker Timber, adds: “Fraikin’s courses have always been carried out in a friendly, informal, professional fashion and to a very high standard. Our drivers, regardless of how long they have been in the haulage industry, always benefit by learning something new as well as refreshing some of the longer established and more familiar working practices. I would recommend Fraikin’s Driver CPC training with every confidence.”

For more information or to make a booking, call 02476 694494 or email [email protected]

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