Facilities management steps to safeguarding your warehouse

Warehouses can often contain high value equipment or products, along with business essential private documents, therefore having a clear safeguarding strategy is hugely important to keep the premises, along with staff and visitors, safe.

Here are some expert tips on safeguarding your warehouse(s) to ensure optimum safety.

Stay on top of maintenance

Reactive and planned maintenance should be part of any warehouse strategy, to ensure all aspects of security along with other key functions of the warehouse are operating as they should.

Facility management companies, such as MSL property care services, encourage warehouse managers to implement planned and reactive strategies to protect the premises, and reduce business downtime should the worst happen.

Planned maintenance checks can ensure your security systems are operating correctly and will provide peace of mind that any repairs will be spotted before they escalate. If a fault occurs with any system, having a reactive maintenance team on hand will help get the system back up and running with repairs and replacements happening as soon as possible.

If your security systems are breached, or a break in occurs, having a reactive maintenance team can also help get your business back up and running, with any premises repairs or temporary fixes happening so as to reduce business downtime.

Access control

A reliant and efficient access control system is crucial for warehouses to ensure only approved personnel, such as staff members or facility managers, can access the building or parts of the building, at any time. This can help provide peace of mind that your assets and workforce are safe.

Access control are an important part of any security strategy as they can help stop theft and vandalism taking place, along with preventing unauthorised people gaining access to the warehouse.

It includes implementing equipment such as door readers at entry and exit points, key fobs, or card entry systems, or even installing fingerprint recognition software.

It’s important to think logically about how the facility is run when choosing access control systems to ensure for effective and efficient safeguarding. It may be necessary to have control systems in place on all, or just some parts of the building, and other security measures in place elsewhere.


Video surveillance systems can be fitted around the warehouse premises, both internally and externally, and can be essential for security monitoring purposes. They can provide an extra level of security, both as a deterrent for potential criminals, and as a way to gain evidence should anything happen around the premises.

It’s important to carry out regular maintenance checks on CCTV systems as having video clear video evidence can be crucial. 

LED security lighting

When devising a safeguarding strategy, lighting is extremely important to ensure all areas of the warehouse are visible and well lit. Choose efficient, energy saving LED lighting which can illuminate all areas of your warehouse, even the darkest of corners.

Bright lighting can not only support the CCTV cameras and security guards, providing better visibility, they can also deter break in attempts. Consider implementing motion detecting lighting around the premises also as an extra deterrent.

Road and perimeter automation systems

For further external safeguarding, a great option is to install automated gates, perimeter blocks or rising bollards.

These can help prevent unauthorised vehicles from entering the premises or even getting close to your warehouse. Another option is to hire security guards who can take post on the entry and exit points of the warehouse.

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