Edwards Transport Stays Connected with New Schmitz Cargobull Reefers.

Shropshire-based Edwards Transport has taken delivery of 20 new Schmitz Cargobull S.KO COOL refrigerated trailers that will give the haulier unparalleled insight and control over its chilled distribution operations through telematics.

The new reefers replace older assets and increase Schmitz Cargobull’s share of the 50-strong temperature controlled trailer fleet to more than 70 per cent.

Edwards Transport Director Mark Edwards says: “We are excited to have received the new trailers and they make a welcome addition to our expanding business. We were also extremely impressed with the quick delivery time which has helped us to get these new trailers into service far quicker than we initially thought possible.”

A major benefit to Edwards Transport’s business is Schmitz Cargobull’s integrated TrailerConnect temperature and mapping telematics package which has been specified on the trailers. It marks the first time Edwards Transport has utilised such a comprehensive system, having previously only employed a basic tracking function.

TrailerConnect will allow Edwards Transport to record and monitor all temperature data, door opening times and other pieces of vital information, in real time. This can be used to demonstrate that goods have been kept at the specified set point during transit, protecting the cold chain at all times.

The system also bolsters fleet security by constantly tracking the trailer’s location, with the telematics unit and sensors fitted in secure areas to protect against tampering. It is programmed to relay all warnings to the operator via a text message or an email.

Built in Vreden, Germany, Edwards Transport’s new trailers are also equipped with Schmitz Cargobull’s innovative new multifunction floor which is manufactured with watertight welded scuff rails and drains in the floor pan for easier cleaning. The trailers are PIEK-certified, and the quiet refrigeration units coupled with the low-noise floors reduce noise emissions to less than 60 dB.

This is essential to Edwards Transport’s operation as the company’s depot and new cold storage facility is located in close proximity to a residential area, while the fleet is often required to undertake night-time high-street deliveries.

Many of Schmitz Cargobull’s industry-leading trailer features are also fitted as standard, including FERROPLAST® panels, which utilise the latest NX 17 foam technology developed to offer improved insulation and body strength. A galvanised and bolted chassis reduces tare weight without compromising on strength, and ensures easy and inexpensive repairs can be carried out in the event of damage.

Other key features specified include ferry shackles – to support the company’s future growth strategies into mainland Europe – together with Schmitz Cargobull’s own-brand ROTOS running gear.

“To ensure our growth we have invested heavily in our business over the past months; we have expanded our site and opened our own cold storage facility with a specific focus on dairy products. With their advanced technology, low running costs and high residual value our new Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated trailers will play a key part in supporting our ongoing expansion plans,” concludes Edwards.


Editor’s notes:

Schmitz Cargobull (UK) is a subsidiary company of the German-owned Schmitz Cargobull Group, the biggest and leading manufacturer and supplier of semi-trailers in Europe. The Schmitz Cargobull Group has manufacturing plants in Germany, Spain, Lithuania, Russia and China, and employs over 4,900 people. In the last financial year (2014/2015), Schmitz Cargobull had a turnover of approximately €1.589 billion and produced more than 44,000 trailers.

A number of additional services complete the company profile: Cargobull Finance for leasing and lease purchasing; Schmitz Cargobull Parts & Services for vehicle servicing and spare parts; Schmitz Cargobull Service Partners for repairs and maintenance; Schmitz Cargobull Telematics for trailer telematics and Schmitz Cargobull Trailer Store for used trailers. Schmitz Cargobull refrigerated units are constructed using the company’s FERROPLAST® Thermo Technology modular steel-skinned panels to keep loads at the desired temperature.

Visit Schmitz Cargobull UK’s dedicated online press room at http://news.cision.com/schmitz-cargobull

Press Contact UK:                                                                   

James Boley or James Keeler
Garnett Keeler PR
Tel: 020 8647 4467
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Company Contact Europe:

Gerd Rohrsen, Corporate Public Relations
Silke Hesener, Manager Public Relations
Tel: +49 02558 811501
Email: [email protected]

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