DVLA Says No To Doctors On Wheels Medicals.

DVLA is no longer accepting any medical reports on lorry drivers from the company Doctors on Wheels.

This follows an investigation by Trading Standards and the DVLA.

Those investigations are ongoing and it’s understood staff at Doctors on Wheels are being questioned.

In a statement DVLA said:

“If any applications are received at DVLA on or after this date, they will not be accepted, and a new application will need to be submitted. This only applies to applications received on or after 20 June 2019, and we expect these numbers to be very low.

We will prioritise any applications received by those who need to resubmit another D4 as a result of these investigations. Please note we cannot reimburse any fees paid for the D4 medical report to be completed.”

The RHA is urging members not to use Doctors on Wheels for D4 Medical Reports and fully supports the DVLA action. The RHA has received a number of complaints into claims that D4 medicals were not being completed properly and fit-to-drive notices were being incorrectly submitted.

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