DSV further expands its warehousing footprint in Venlo, The Netherlands.

DSV has announced that it will add another 30,000 m2 to its current logistics facilities in Venlo, bringing the total logistics surface to 120,000 m2. The new warehouse will be the company’s third full service logistics facility in Venlo and will be located adjacent to its two other logistics sites, situated just 1 km down the road from the DSV Road terminal.

Strategically located
The Venlo area has consistently ranked as the top logistics hotspot for European distribution centers over the past seven years and has traditionally been a stronghold for both logistics and road operations. The current multi-user warehousing operation already has a wide variety of consumer products and healthcare customers who use Venlo as a hub, from which they serve their entire European customer base.

Organic growth
The new facility was needed to accommodate the organic growth generated by existing customers as well as the addition of several new contracts. “We see a growing demand for order fulfilment, especially from companies that are active in E-commerce” Peter van der Maas, Managing Director in DSV Solutions, the Netherlands, explains. The expansion will create 100-150 new jobs.


Global Transport and Logistics
DSV is a global supplier of transport and logistics services. We have offices in more than 70 countries and an international network of partners and agents, making us a truly global player that offers services worldwide. The effective, professional solutions provided by the company’s 23,000 employees enabled DSV to record worldwide revenue of 6.5 billion euro for 2014.


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