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StocExpo, the largest and longest running international bulk liquid storage event, will host Jelle Swanenberg, COO at Smartflow, as it returns to the Rotterdam Ahoy on 23-25 May 2022. He provides us with a taster of his upcoming talk on mobile solutions within the tank storage industry:

Tank storage terminals of all kinds could certainly benefit from a standardised digitisation of their operations. But the problem with extensive portfolios of terminals is that they all have different requirements, meaning investing in standardising digital processes is not that straightforward.  In fact, it’s extremely complex and challenging. So, is there a solution?  

The current problem

Tank storage terminals are quite different depending on their age and purpose.  Newer hydrogen facilities have different needs compared with natural gas or fossil fuels.  It’s difficult to standardise processes and feel the efficiencies and economies of scale that come with that when the requirements are so disparate.

As such, health and safety processes and inspections are still, most commonly, paper based. Inadequate inspections are simply more likely with paper-based systems, particularly as these processes must be performed quickly. The result of this human error, as well as lengthy data distribution, is a reduction in efficiency and, more critically, safety.

With the industry desperate to improve operations, while also reducing costs, these methods simply don’t work anymore. The industry needs a robust system which informs decision making in real time, connecting staff to the data required to perform tasks online or offline, no matter where they are.

But the problem of standardisation remains…

The software

Smartflow software systems help standardise and manage terminals on a global scale, while also allowing each individual terminal to organise their processes in the way that works best for them. Anything from ATEX inspections to the on-boarding of ships can be simplified using this easy-to-use technology.  It’s both standardised and modular, but critically it’s no-code, so senior business teams can make decision on how they will operate with a small amount of guidance from us, without having to invest in their own platform or specialist IT teams.

The future

Digitisation holds the key for making older tank storage terminals more efficient and agile. These digital solutions will rapidly increase the efficiency of all processes at a single terminal, while also making the transportation of bulk liquids much more streamlined.

For newer terminals, the benefit is the software already exists and is managed and updated externally.  There’s no need to invest hundreds of thousands in your own application or IT team when you have a no-code system ready to go.

World-leading experts from a variety of fields will join Jelle in speaking at StocExpo in Rotterdam this May. The event will also host over 140 industry-leading organisations from across the world, many of whom will be launching new technologies and products or announcing company updates to the international audience.

For more information about StocExpo and to register to attend, exhibit or speak at the event, click here.

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