Breakbulk Europe 2021 cancelled, 2022 event will be held in Rotterdam

Breakbulk Europe, the world’s largest event for the project cargo and breakbulk industry, has been cancelled, and the 2022 edition will be held in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Large-scale events in Germany are still prohibited and these restrictions are unlikely to be removed in time for the event to take place with the result that cancellation is now unavoidable. Nick Davison, Portfolio Director Breakbulk & CWIEME, Hyve Group PLC, said, “Further, we have recently been informed that the venue has agreed with local authorities that given events are not permitted to take place at this time, the venue can be used as a vaccine facility, likely through to the end of August.

“While we considered moving the event to later in the year, because Breakbulk Americas is taking place in late September and our next Breakbulk Europe event is planned for May 2022, we have decided, in consultation with our customers, that a full year cancellation is the best decision for all concerned, particularly since travel restrictions are likely to remain in place for some months to come. Our number one goal is to ensure the event is a success for everyone involved with the expected volume and quality of exhibitors and visitors to accelerate new business.”

Breakbulk exhibitors have been informed and have expressed their support for the decision. “I want you to know that we at Volga-Dnepr Group fully support and endorse the Breakbulk Europe exhibition and conference being postponed to May 2022. We appreciate our partnership and being consulted and kept updated by Breakbulk Events & Media,” Ekaterina Andreeva, Commercial Director at Volga-Dnepr told Breakbulk.

Similarly, Stephanie Luning, Group Marketing & Communications Manager at Hamburg-based Bertling said, “During this ongoing crisis, existing travel restrictions, safety restrictions of companies for their staff and the slow proceeding vaccinations here in Germany, we support the decision to cancel Breakbulk Europe and return in 2022.”

“There is no doubt that our two years in Bremen were tremendously successful,” Davison said. “I would like to thank the city for their support and for the success the move brought for Breakbulk, and to all who joined us on the journey to a new city. By hosting the show in Germany, many new companies were exposed to the benefits of Breakbulk Europe as they experienced what a truly global gathering can offer in the way of new business opportunities.”

The industry participants from Germany have always played an integral role in the success of Breakbulk Europe, particularly the Ports of Bremen/Bremerhaven that have pledged their ongoing support. “We belong to the founders of Breakbulk Europe and have been taken part since the beginning in 2006,” Michael Skiba, Head of Marketing, Ports of Bremen/Bremerhaven said. “As one of the leading breakbulk ports, you can be sure that we are going to take part in the event in Rotterdam as well.”

The move to Rotterdam is part of Breakbulk Europe’s previously announced plan to rotate the event among leading maritime cities. Breakbulk Europe will be held in Rotterdam at Rotterdam Ahoy, adjacent to the Port of Rotterdam. “We intend to hold the event at this location for two years, and then consider other options for 2024,” Davison said. “We are excited to work with the Rotterdam alliance, including the City of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam, Rotterdam Ahoy and Rotterdam Partners, to create a fresh event with new business opportunities for all participants.

Danny Levenswaard, Director Breakbulk Port of Rotterdam Authority, said, “As Port of Rotterdam we are very proud and excited that Breakbulk Europe will take place in Rotterdam next year. The move to Rotterdam confirms the status of the city, as maritime capital of Europe. Hosting Breakbulk Europe in our city fits in very well with our strong ambition to be leading in breakbulk and our willingness to invest in this position. I am very much looking forward to welcome the international breakbulk community to Rotterdam next year!”

Already, plans are underway for a digital Breakbulk Europe program, which will be held 19-20 May, days previously designated for the exhibition. Over the two days, viewers will hear from global analysts and industry leaders who will discuss project opportunities in both the short- and long-term, and experience a virtual introduction to Rotterdam.

“While we cannot meet in person this year, I invite all those that have participated in Breakbulk Europe in the past and those companies that are looking to participate in the future to join the virtual event,” Bradley Smeeton, Event Director for Breakbulk Europe, said. “The industry is stronger when members collaborate—a fact we’ve seen proven again and again at Breakbulk events.”

Work is in progress for Breakbulk Europe 2022 to provide the leading global platform for our community to connect, learn, network and—most importantly—do business. In response to the move to Rotterdam, Bertling’s Luning said, “Rotterdam would bring all advantages for a successful event.”

The venue Rotterdam Ahoy will include six halls offering an additional 5.000 square meters to meet the pent-up demand from the industry to meet as one after a two-year event hiatus. Breakbulk Europe will be held 17-19 May 2022.

“As Europe’s largest maritime hot spot, Rotterdam will provide Breakbulk Europe with the best possible setting and inspiration to further extend the event’s leading position,” said Allard Castelein, Chief Executive Officer, Port of Rotterdam Authority.

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