Bibby Distribution’s Tankers Ensure Britain Is Stocked With Chocs For Easter.

Bibby Distribution has transported an incredible 9,000 tonnes of liquid chocolate to manufacturers across the UK in the build-up to Easter – enough to make an Easter egg for everyone in Britain.

A fleet of 30 tankers from the 3PL’s food and ingredients team has delivered the total tonnage of chocolate from one of the world’s biggest wholesale chocolate suppliers, to make up to 65 million eggs.

Plus, Bibby Distribution’s specialist technology has helped keep costs low for the supplier as each tanker can be compartmentalised to carry dark, milk and white chocolate on the same vehicle, while maintaining a steady temperature of 42°C to keep the cargo in prime condition.

Bibby Distribution enforces a stringent hygiene schedule for its vehicles with strict washing and access rules, ensuring the chocolate’s quality and safety is never compromised in transit. In addition, the 3PL keeps track of time-critical loads via telematics and a dedicated transport management system, which is also used to monitor drivers on their fuel efficiency and safe driving practices.

Vaughan Pendergest, Business Unit Director, Food and Ingredients, says: “When it comes to transporting liquid chocolate, we’ve got it cracked. Whether it’s cost-effectiveness, hygiene or sheer volume, our network is the best in Britain for delivering an Easter feast.”

Based at sites in Droitwich and Corby, the tanker fleet is part of Bibby Distribution’s specialist food and ingredient division, which provides transport for bulk and palletised food products, as well was warehousing and additional services. The skilled team provides a complete service for the entire food supply chain, from handling inbound delivery of ingredients, to storage and outbound distribution.

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