Bibby Distribution cuts Carbon and Boosts safety with Total Fleet Telematics.

Bibby Distribution’s entire commercial vehicle fleet is now tracked by telematics, which has helped to further slash the company’s carbon footprint through improved driver performance.

The use of supplied by MAN and Mercedes-Benz equipped with full telematics packages has helped cut Bibby Distribution’s carbon emissions per vehicle across its 650-vehicle fleet by almost 15 per cent compared to 2012, as drivers improve their performance.

By improving the carbon footprint of its fleet, Bibby Distribution is also changing driver behaviour to make its fleet operations even safer. The telematics system can be used to monitor carbon-inefficient and potentially risky activities such as harsh acceleration or braking. This allows Bibby Distribution to create tailor-made training packages for each individual driver to improve the carbon efficiency of their driving.

Bibby Distribution Senior Fleet Manager Adam Purshall says: “The level of information we now receive on every single vehicle and driver within our fleet is helping us transform our operations. We can now identify our very best drivers, and those who have room for improvement. We’ll be using this information to create tailored driver training on an individual basis, which will help eliminate inefficient practices such as harsh braking or excess idling.”

Telematics and training are part of Bibby Distribution’s larger strategy to cut the carbon cost of logistics. The 3PL is also operating 39 15.6m longer semi-trailers (LSTs), which contributed to a 5.6 per cent reduction in diesel usage in 2013, and a remould tyre policy introduced in 2011 saved 220 tonnes of CO2 last year.

In addition to cutting the cost of logistics and supporting customer CSR goals, Bibby’s telematics provision also enables complete visibility of its fleet.

Bibby Distribution’s telematics also incorporates online mapping through a customer-accessible portal, allowing those relying on Bibby’s support to see exactly where their goods are on the road – plus adding an additional layer of security to protect loads in transit. The end result is a fleet that can contribute to a customer’s CSR goals through lower carbon emissions while providing solidly measurable business benefits such as full transparency and reliability.

Purshall says: “The mapping means that we can anticipate if there are going to be any issues and proactively work with our customers if there is a danger of the schedule slipping. Those customers with direct access also get peace of mind and full transparency of operations.”

The telematics service tracks every yard of the 32 million miles covered by Bibby Distribution commercial vehicles each year, and is part of Bibby’s comprehensive approach to reducing carbon, and boosting efficiency on the road.






Notes to editors:
As one of the top ten logistics providers in the UK, Bibby Distribution exists to enable other companies to drive value from their supply chain activities. The company specialises in providing contract logistics, warehousing, distribution, systems integration and added value services to a wide range of customers.

Bibby Distribution operates from 90 locations across the UK, employs 2,500 people and manages 2million ft² of warehousing space.

The majority of Bibby Distribution’s business is based on long-term partnerships. Its diverse capability also means it can share best practice across the various industry sectors it operates in, from Automotive to FMCG.

The company is part of the £1.4bn-turnover Liverpool-based Bibby Line Group, a 200 year old family owned business-to-business services specialist. It is involved in ship-owning and operation, shallow water accommodation, offshore oil and gas services, contract logistics, financial services, memorial parks, employment law, health & safety advisory services, specialist plant & equipment hire and retail.

Bibby Distribution, Head office, 105 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5JQ.

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