Ash Waste Adopt r2c Online Software For Seamless Business Expansion.

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Ash Waste Services have adopted the r2c Online software to standardise fleet maintenance and compliance processes in preparation for further business expansion.

As part of their continual investment into facilities and vehicle fleets, Ash Waste decided to adopt the r2c platform to support customer service demand and supply chain management as the business expands. Transport and Compliance Manager Phil Mottershead explained more: “We knew it was time to go digital, so we looked at several options but r2c Online was definitely the best system for our business needs. It does everything we were looking for and more.”

Phil continued,

“Ash Waste is growing quickly and we’re opening several new depots at the moment, so being able to centralise all of our processes and documentation through one platform will be invaluable. It’ll then be even more useful to digitally manage our fleet and repair network, as our main transport office in Wrexham can manage vehicles remotely.”

r2c will provide Ash Waste with a range of digital tools to transform their current fleet management processes, including work scheduling and authorisation, full defect management, real-time job updates, invoicing and more. Phil added, “Our driver defect sheets are now all digital too, which will in turn make our defect management process so much easier. We won’t need the remote drivers to scan the defect sheets, as it’ll all be paperless and instant.

“The drivers will carry out their checks on their mobile phones, and their mobile apps are built into the r2c platform. I can just log in and all records are there waiting, with any missed checks or safety defects already flagged up, ready to be rectified or scheduled in with planned or unplanned work.”

r2c’s unique supply chain connectivity also appealed to Ash Waste for use in their in-house workshop and also for easy collaboration with their preferred external repairers. Phil explained, “The platform notifies the relevant repairer straight away of any jobs or parts we’re needing and when for. We’ve also set up rules engines to automatically authorise work straight through the platform, which will make my life so much easier.

“We’re looking forward to using the r2c platform to ensure our business growth is managed well and our compliance and maintenance processes remain streamlined.”

Nick Walls, Managing Director at r2c Online, commented,

“More and more waste management companies are recognising the value of using r2c for complete confidence in the roadworthiness of their vehicles through our best practice software. We’re delighted to be Ash Waste’s software partner of choice and we look forward to helping their business adapt and thrive in the years to come.”

About r2c Online
r2c Online are leading providers of connected fleet and workshop management technology. Established in 2003, r2c’s software platform for vehicle compliance and maintenance is now used by over 22,000 businesses for reduced risk, maximised compliance and streamlined admin processes.

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