Arvato Supply Chain Solutions And Rangel Agree Partnership For Portugal.

From May on the business unit Healthcare of Arvato Supply Chain Solutions will also be offering its customers an integrated solution for the final-mile delivery of medication to hospitals, pharmacies and wholesalers in Portugal by entering into a cooperation with the logistics solution company Rangel.

This new partnership allows Rangel’s Pharma unit and Arvato to ensure the distribution of medicines inside the Spanish and Portuguese territory, thus being fully compliant with the requirements of multinational pharmaceutical companies that require an Iberian distribution network.

With a decade of market experience, the Portuguese pharmaceutical logistics expert is a strategic partner with the ability to meet the demanding quality standards by the pharmaceutical industry. Created in 2009, Rangel’s Pharma unit stands out in the national market as a specialized logistics operator authorized for the distribution of pharmaceutical products and a pioneer in offering its own temperaturecontrolled distribution network, along with innovative traceability systems.

Rangel is in charge of all necessary structures for this purpose, such as temperature controlled vehicles, dedicated warehouses, technology and an experienced professional team. “The Rangel site in Montijo, close to Lisbon, distributes more than 100 million packages annually and includes a team of 185 people in its structure, a fleet of 70 vehicles, a warehouse area of 18,500 m², with capacity for about 30,000 pallets”, says Nuno Rangel, CEO of Rangel Logistics Solutions.

Arvato Supply Chain Solutions is an innovative and international leading service provider in the field of supply chain management and ecommerce. The business unit Healthcare serves as a central warehouse for numerous pharmaceutical and medical technology customers from all around the world. The partnership with Rangel Pharma now enables Arvato to offer international healthcare companies an even broader portfolio fulfilling local market regulations. As a legal requirement in Spain medicines must be received by recipients such as pharmacies within 24 hours of dispatch.

“The partnership represents a substantial development in Arvato’s Iberian solution for the pharmaceutical industry and helps our clients to meet this requirement, with reduced transport costs and increased delivery reliability”, explains Joaquin Prados, Sales & Solution Design Director Arvato Supply Chain Solutions in Spain.

With the new partner Arvato expands its European Healthcare logistics network to 13 countries, 20 locations and more than 200.000 square meters of warehouse space.

“Stable systems and reliable processes are especially crucial in the healthcare sector. After all, human health is at stake. This is why we set high standards not only for our own healthcare sites, but also for our partners” emphasizes Thorsten Winkelmann, president of Arvato’s business unit Healthcare. “Rangel suits us very well, as they have established a similar infrastructure. It is not a big effort to integrate the processes into ours. This means our customers will continue to receive secure, integrated pan European solutions from a single source integrated in Arvato’ s IT landscape and harmonized quality management system”, Thorsten Winkelmann sums up. Combining similar IT systems, synergies, complementary services and infrastructures, Rangel Pharma and Arvato will provide their customers maximum transparency throughout all distribution processes by using intelligent automation and scanning processes.

The healthcare area represents an important part of Rangel Logistics Solutions’ global business which has invested € 750,000 in the eKooler system, an innovative technology for transporting pharmaceuticals in a refrigerated environment. The new partner features a warehouse for products stored at between two and eight degrees Celsius. The warehouse also provides an area covering 30,000 pallets for storing ambient products in the +15°C to +25°C temperature range required for most medicines.

The Montijo site and all of Arvato’s activities in Iberia will meet the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements. “Our portfolio in Portugal comprises services ranging from warehousing, pick and pack services, transport and returns management to emergency shipments”, says Joaquin Prados. More recently Rangel has launched a technological solution that allows daily checking of medicines entering Portugal in order to apply the new European directive on falsified medicines for human use.

“This is an agreement that allows Rangel’s Pharma unit to affirm its service competence in the European pharmaceutical logistics landscape, rewarding the effort we have been making in the last years to ensure more safety and quality in the distribution of medicines in Portugal and, from now on, in Spain too”, Nuno Rangel adds, speaking of the decision to enter into the partnership.

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