Almost A Year Into DSV Start-Up.

DSV Team

SOSA helps scout for new technologies, the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation (PCPI) nurtures the start-up company through the innovation stages – and DSV is right by their side, advising on the logistics side of things, until the start-up company goes into production and hopefully becomes a new, long-term customer.

The DSV Start-up service is a first in the transport and logistics business; the idea is to help small and medium-sized start-ups design the right supply chain solution from the very beginning, and, in the process, we establish a strong bond to a new customer.

Providing Supply Chain Architecture Design – For Free
Since the right logistics setup is an essential part of getting a new product to market, having a logistics partner on hand from the beginning can make a real difference to whether and when the idea materialises.

At the same time, consultancy services do not come cheap and can be a barrier to getting the start-up off the ground. And getting it wrong, means having to redesign the supply chain at a later stage, which also comes at a cost. For this reason, DSV Start-up supplies the initial “innovation” service for free.

By partnering with SOSA and PCPI, we can identify the start-ups with the greatest potential for growth and help them before they have even set up shop. When collaboration begins, we carefully analyse their present and future logistics needs and eventually, we come up with a supply chain architecture design. For the start-up, this means it’s all systems go as soon as the first product rolls of the production line.

Growing With The Customers
Once the start-ups go into production mode, we step in as their transport and logistics provider. In the beginning, we may only supply one or two transport and logistics services, but then we grow with them at the pace they need – perhaps, in time, even taking over their entire supply chain.

“We’re working with some very interesting customers at the moment, and we are happy with the progress we have made in only nine months. We’re quietly confident that this is just the beginning – and that, in time, we will be able to offer the Start-Up service globally,” says Service Owner Ofir Bronhaim, DSV Israel.

Nine months after the launch of the DSV Start-Up service in Israel, DSV is working with 11 start-up companies, supplying basic transport and logistics services, and have a pipeline of an additional 72.

“We’re working hard on the marketing front, not least together with Peres Centre for Peace and Innovation, to position DSV as the leading transport and logistics supplier for start-ups. So far, we’re off to a good start, but of course, we have a long way to go yet,” Yifat Lerer, Marketing, DSV Israel, comments.

DSV Start-Up was launched in Israel in March 2018 with the long-term expectation that it will develop into a global service.


What is SOSA
SOSA provides selected entrepreneurs a go-to-market and global business networking platform, connecting tech startups with our international partners – leading global corporations, investors, and governmental entities that are actively looking for disruptive technologies.

What is PCPI
The Peres Center for Peace and Innovation develops and implements meaningful programs to promote a prosperous Israel, nurture and highlight Israeli innovation and pave the way for shared-living between all of Israel’s citizens and lasting peace between Israel and its neighbours.

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