New IVECO Way-Range is ‘born and built around you’ to deliver more comfort, performance and savings

17 November, 23
IVECO has today unveiled the new IVECO Way Range that builds on the highly successful model by introducing new advanced features, greater comfort, and the powerful yet efficient new xCursor 13 engine, improved aerodynamics and state-of-the-art GPS predictive driving.

IVECO has today unveiled the new IVECO Way Range that builds on the highly successful model by introducing new advanced features, greater comfort, and the powerful yet efficient new xCursor 13 engine, improved aerodynamics and state-of-the-art GPS predictive driving. The new features and services have been developed to make the customer’s business more productive and the driver’s life on board more comfortable, safe and connected, making this the most capable IVECO Way-Range to date.

XCursor 13: a state-of-the-art engine delivering fuel efficiency amongst the best-in-class

The IVECO Way Range offers operators a wide choice of powertrains to meet the needs of their missions. At the top of the engine range is the new xCursor 13 developed by FPT Industrial, IVECO’s sister Brand within Iveco Group and a global leader specialised in advanced powertrain technologies.

This new diesel unit packs state of the art powertrain technologies such as new Turbocharger for Downspeeding, Higher common rail pressure (2500bar), new lighter cylinder head and cylinder block, smart auxiliaries and friction’s reduction.

The most powerful configuration is capable of producing up to 580hp and 2,800Nm of torque, perfect for heavy-duty missions that require maximum performance, while the 500hp variant featuring 2,600Nm of torque is ideal for maximising efficiency on long-haul missions. The new IVECO S-Way delivers an up to 10% increase in fuel efficiency, while advanced new features and professional services can raise the fuel efficiency by a further 4%.

GPS-Predictive is now also capable of recognising bends and roundabouts, adapting Cruise Control speed accordingly. Eco Driving Mode is optimised utilising Gearshift Strategy, Torque availability, EcoRoll, and will be managed remotely by telematics.

Engine weight has been reduced by 10% – now even lighter than the discontinued Cursor 11 – while the durability standard is now up to 1.6 million kilometres, 33% greater than its predecessor.

The new High Performance Engine Brake is the best in the market, now 30% more effective, capable of substituting the Retarder in most mission scenarios. Further benefits in terms of cost, weight and fuel consumption can be gained.

The new engine is paired with the 17xHE Meritor axle with faster reduction for even smoother traction delivery alongside the responsive 12-speed TRAXON Gen2 transmission by ZF. This new Gearbox packs several updates such as Shift Assistant that synchronises changes and engine braking, while Reversing Assistant engages reverse while stopping.

More power for sustainable missions

The new IVECO S-Way and X-Way also offers increased fuel efficiency and performance in their Natural Gas version, producing 500hp and 2,200Nm of torque while reducing fuel consumption by up to 11%. This powerful performance comes with the environmental advantages of Natural Gas, which can help significantly reduce vehicle CO2 emissions up to 95% reduction when running on biomethane and significant noise reduction versus an equivalent diesel vehicle. As fleets look to reduce their environmental impact, the IVECO S-Way and X-Way Natural Gas provide a solution that can be implemented without sacrificing mission capabilities.

A driver-centric touch and feel for superior comfort and safety

IVECO’s strong focus on the driver and their experience onboard translates into significant upgrades to the IVECO S-Way and X-Way driver-centric AS cab that’s aimed at maximising comfort and further enhancing the driver experience and front visibility. Superior onboard living stems from the new interior design, a new customisable dashboard with a choice of materials and colours, as well as a fully digital cockpit with TFT instrument cluster, infotainment and mirrorless rear-view cameras.

The IVECO S-Way and X-Way AS cab is appreciated for its excellent seating position, and engineers have further refined its comfort by affording a “car-like” driving position via renewed ergonomics, a smaller more vertical steering placement and a much wider steering wheel adjustment. The new interior features contrasting surfaces and additional storage, while logically located switchgear effortlessly raises overall driver ergonomics to a new level. An electric parking brake with automatic engagement further maximises interior space.

The new foldable table on the passenger side of the dash panel is ideal for those tasks in the cab that require a flat work surface with a useful USB charging socket alongside. Everything has its place with additional compartments for storing objects and documents inside and under the cab. Two USB connections are available as standard on the dash panel.

A new option of Mirrorcams offers even greater visibility to the driver. Additionally, these aerodynamic cameras mounted above the doors provide a fuel saving benefit of up to 1.5% compared to a standard mirror thanks to reduced wind resistance.

Equipped for every mission

The IVECO S-Way and X-Way now feature a new reinforced front air suspension with high-stroke air bellows and increased 9.0t GAW. This new full pneumatic configuration is now offered on a wider line-up of chassis variants, including ON+ set-up, 6×4 and 8×4 Tridem.

The 6×2 rigids can now benefit from a new reinforced tag axle at 9.0t, especially useful for rear load garbage collection and rear overhang cranes.

For heavier missions, a new 18x single reduction axle, with new housing, carrier and braking system, can withstand up to 60t GCW providing the best trade-off between robustness, performance and efficiency.

Personalise the look of your vehicle

Customers can now make their IVECO S-Way and X-Way even more individual and increase their sense of belonging to IVECO family with a range of new personalisation options. In addition to the distinctive new IVECO logo available in chrome or gun metal matt, there are eight grille options to choose from. These include glossy finishes, metallic elements or even body-coloured choices, allowing operators to adapt their vehicle to mirror corporate branding or to choose a style which makes their vehicle stand out from the crowd.

New technology delivers a user-friendly vehicle interface for comfort and stress-free driving

Innovative technology plays a big role in the new IVECO Way Range’s cab. A graphically rich 12- or 10-inch digital instrument display provides the driver with vehicle information, with the screen being configurable to their individual preferences. Featuring an advanced ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance System) interface and full infotainment integration, information is presented clearly, reducing the driver’s cognitive load.

All-new fully reconfigurable 10 or 7-inch infotainment displays put media and other key controls at the driver’s fingertips. The responsive screen hosts everything from climate control to fully integrated Alexa experience. Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto provide access to all the apps on the driver’s smartphone, while the new system also enables two phones to be paired via Bluetooth simultaneously.

The IVECO Way-Range now gets Full Level2 Advanced Driving Assistance Systems, a big step ahead both in term of Safety and driving comfort.

The top level of Drive Assist is capable of aiding the driver in long-haul missions. Highway Assist helps the driver keep position in the centre of the lane, detecting and correcting trajectory deviations via camera, Active Steering and Capacitive Hands-off Detection. Adaptive Cruise Control Stop&Go ensures a fixed speed is maintained, keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, also in traffic jams thanks to automatic vehicle stop and restart.

On top of this, a comprehensive package of safety features is introduced across the entire Way-Range such as Blind Spot and Moving-Off Information Systems that protects nearside and nearby vulnerable road users, Driver Drowsiness Detection, Intelligent Speed Assist and Alcohol Interlock.

New digital features and services designed around the driver and fleet manager

In addition to the redesigned cab, IVECO is looking after the driver with new and upgraded digital features that will make their life on board safer and more productive. A brand-new Driver’s Health service monitors their vitals and combines it with data generated by the vehicle’s ADAS to prevent sudden health events, protecting the driver and contributing to road safety. The Professional Safety Report has been upgraded, leveraging the new ADAS to provide more advanced automatic reports to help the driver be safe on the road. The IVECO Driver Pal vocal travel companion is now fully integrated into the infotainment system to provide a seamless experience and enable the driver to use their voice to manage functions. The Easy Way App has been upgraded with time-saving, productivity-boosting features, such as the digital checklist, remote controls and interactive user manual.

The IVECO S-Way’s connectivity has also unlocked new functionalities for the fleet manager. The IVECO ON Customer Portal has evolved to become their connectivity centre, where they can monitor and manage their vehicles, and streamline their business’s administration. New Remote Commands accessed through the IVECO ON portal enable them to remotely control a number of vehicle settings, ensuring the IVECO S-Way is always driven efficiently and safely. The Advanced Predictive Diagnostics service uses new algorithms to monitor the vehicle’s state of health and the residual life of its complex components such as the after-treatment system.

IVECO Services: for a complete mobility solution tailored to customers

The IVECO Way Range comes with a holistic portfolio of services developed to improve the productivity and profitability of the customers’ businesses by maximising vehicle uptime and efficiency, driver safety and environmental protection. The aim is to provide customers with a complete mobility solution that perfectly meets their requirements.

Uptime services are designed to minimise the vehicle’s downtime by avoiding unplanned stoppages through real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics and maintenance schedules. Productivity & Efficiency services help customers reduce fuel consumption, optimise routes and improve driving style. Driver Care and Safety & Security services are designed to promote a safer driving style, monitor the drivers’ performance and increase their safety. Parts & Accessories provide an extensive offering for customising the vehicle. Additionally, IVECO CAPITAL offers customers a comprehensive financial solution including financing, leasing, and insurance services in all markets.

IVECO’s modular approach to its services offer makes it easier for customers to tailor the services to their specific requirements. IVECO has also pre-bundled some services based on its experience, beginning with the Start Pack, which is designed to simplify customer vehicle management with the IVECO ON Customer Portal to monitor the vehicle and optimise fleet efficiency, Uptime Monitoring & Management to maximise the connected IVECO S-Way’s uptime, and the new Easy Way App to make the driver’s life easier.

The customer can tailor the services solution with a choice of premium packages. PRODUCTIVITY Basic includes IVECO ON Plus, which adds Eco Lock remote control and vehicle geolocation updates, as well as Professional Fuel Report to identify potential efficiency gains.

PRODUCTIVITY Advanced grants all of the features of PRODUCTIVITY Basic while adding ECODRIVING, which helps customers meet sustainability targets via analysis and dedicated training sessions. The DRIVER ASSITANT pack extends TomTom Live services and Driver Pal for a third and fourth year. The Safety Pack offers the Professional Safe Report to evaluate and improve driving style, in addition to IVECO ON Plus. Adding the UPTIME Plus includes IVECO Maintenance and Repair for peace of mind, enabling fixed low maintenance costs without any unexpected surprises. This pack also includes IVECO TOP CARE which ensures the very best service for both vehicle and driver with fast-tracked repairs, hotels, meals, transfers, parking, and non-life-threatening medical care covered.

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