Be the change: IVECO strides into the future with the renewal of its entire product and services offering

15 November, 23
IVECO presented the renewal of its complete product range and service offering to its Customers, Dealers, Partners and international press at a launch event held in Barcelona, Spain.

IVECO presented the renewal of its complete product range and service offering to its Customers, Dealers, Partners and international press at a launch event held in Barcelona, Spain.

The theme of the event, “BE THE CHANGE”, is an invitation to join IVECO in embracing change to win the challenges of the future. In the past four years, the brand has dedicated its energy and resources to anticipating the rapid evolution of the market. It has invested in renewing its products based on customers’ needs and expectations, accelerating innovation through partnerships with best-in-class industry players. It has developed a multi-energy product offering to provide customers with sustainable and profitable solutions for every business need. It has accelerated the development of its electric vehicle offering and set up a dedicated manufacturing hub in Ulm, Germany, where it manufactures the first IVECO heavy-duty electric-born truck. It has become more connected to the customers’ businesses by building a 360-degree ecosystem around their vehicles and requirements, taking another step forward in its servitization strategy. In a highly dynamic industry, IVECO has quickly evolved to become the trusted partner of its customers, supporting them as they address change and successfully overcome challenges.

Luca Sra, President, Truck Business Unit, Iveco Group, said: “Striving for change is a full-time job to which we have dedicated all our resources over the last four years. In 2019, we started a new journey, driving a profound evolution in IVECO by keeping our eyes focused on the customer and tailoring our offering to their needs, throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle and beyond.

We worked hard and fast, humbled by the trust that our customers placed in us, and today, we are opening a new chapter in our history. With the Full range Model Year 2024 launch, we demonstrate our capacity to fearlessly move forward and fight in our customers’ corner, supporting their success with a 360-degree mobility ecosystem, the choice of the technology that best suits their needs across all segments, and the most extensive service offer.”

Renewal of the entire IVECO range: a state-of-the-art, multi-energy line-up

IVECO has renewed its entire product range all at once for the first time in its history with a 1-billion-euro investment, the biggest ever made. In developing this state-of-the-art line-up, IVECO has focused on four pillars: business productivity, driver experience, sustainability and connectivity.

The new features and innovations, built around Customer’s businesses and aimed at making drivers’ lives easier and more comfortable, cover all vehicle systems. Improvements range from propulsion, such as the introduction of a state-of-the-art engine in the heavy-duty segment, and ergonomics with the adoption of driver-centric and car-like feel and functionalities, to advanced Human-Machine Interface with enhanced onboard technology for safer driving.

IVECO’s aspiration to move society forward and power the sustainable transformation of the transport industry drives its multi-energy approach, which offers customers a choice in the technology that best matches their operational and business requirements. Guided by the principle that technology must adapt to the mission and meet mission targets, IVECO has developed electric versions of its light and heavy ranges while continuing to improve its internal combustion engine vehicles, including those running on natural gas, to reduce their environmental impact.

The most extensive service offer to provide complete mobility solutions

IVECO complements its vehicle offering with a rapidly evolving ecosystem of solutions – IVECO Services -designed to support customers in managing their vehicle or fleet easily and efficiently, reduce their Total Cost of Ownership and ensure their business profitability. The offer also includes services developed to enhance the drivers’ lives on the road, improving their comfort and safety.

IVECO is supporting its customers’ transition to zero-emission mobility with eMobility-dedicated services designed to facilitate the switch to electric vehicles by increasing productivity, reducing TCO, and maximising the vehicle’s range and energy efficiency. GATE (Green & Advanced Transport Ecosystem) is an innovative all-inclusive pay-per-use business model for the long-term rental of “green” commercial vehicles to offer “peace of mind” to customers wanting to access electric mobility. Additionally, IVECO CAPITAL offers customers a comprehensive financial solution for electric vehicles, as well as the whole IVECO range, including financing, leasing and insurance services in all markets.

New IVECO logo: a powerful symbol of change

IVECO marked the opening of a new chapter in its history – the culmination of a journey that began 48 years ago – with the unveiling of a new brand identity that embodies the concept of change. The new logo stands tall in black, expressing the brand’s dynamism and innovation while maintaining a proud link with the brand’s history: a flash of light in the blue energy colour at its heart represents the crossroads between IVECO’s heritage and its new energy future.

This new brand identity, which illustrates how IVECO moves forward to serve a rapidly evolving modern society while maintaining a strong connection with its solid roots, will accompany IVECO’s product and service evolution in the years to come.

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