Step Up Stay Safe Peoplesafe partners with Crimestoppers to tackle the growing crisis in employee safety

24 July, 23
NEW initiative from Peoplesafe working with the charity Crimestoppers, highlights the long overdue call to UK employers to step up and do more to protect their people, not just at work, but out of hours too.

NEW initiative from Peoplesafe working with the charity Crimestoppers, highlights the long overdue call to UK employers to step up and do more to protect their people, not just at work, but out of hours too.

Peoplesafe, the UK’s leading provider of employee safety technology, has partnered with Crimestoppers to encourage people to Step Up, Stay Safe. This campaign calls for UK employers to step up and take action in a drastically changed world, to protect their working communities.

In today’s modern hybrid working environment, indisputable stats* show that more employees are feeling unsafe on a regular basis, with 6.8m people reporting that they worry about their safety every week. This isn’t down to the workplace or type of work, it’s a social and cultural change. It’s affecting an increasing number of people and it’s happening every day.

The Peoplesafe partnership with Crimestoppers is a call to action for employers to take decisive action to comprehensively tackle the issue, so that the UK workforce has proper protection, wherever they are, and whenever they feel they need it. Their growing concerns have been overlooked for too long, with action now urgently needed.

The Step Up, Stay Safe campaign aims to raise awareness of these widespread personal safety concerns; serious concerns which, to date, have been barely discussed or prioritised in any meaningful way. It will also recognise and flag the forward-thinking employers willing to go the extra mile, beyond basic tick-box compliance, to safeguard employee safety and provide better peace of mind for the people that make their business tick.

Any people-centric employer signing up to the Step Up, Stay Safe Pledge will receive immediate access to a bank of employee safety-related resources and be able to display the Step Up, Stay Safe kitemark. They will also have the opportunity to join other campaign advocates for online and live events, all focussed on better personal safety measures and on what is now urgently required to improve them nationally.

The Step Up, Stay Safe Pledge

Employers sign up to:

– Provide personal safety training, giving employees the skills to prepare for, and respond to, personal safety risks

– Provide a personal safety alarm for all high-risk and vulnerable staff enabling them to get help during a workplace emergency

– Offer personal safety technology to all staff, giving them access to a professional emergency response service operating 24/7/365 days a year

– Embed a personal safety culture, encouraging open conversations about safety and to remind employees to follow safety policies and procedures

– Raise awareness of personal safety tips, actively promoting and endorsing the Step Up, Stay Safe messages and resources

Naz Dossa, CEO of Peoplesafe says: “Peoplesafe is not just about providing tech solutions. We want to help tackle the problem at source and it has long been our aim to amplify the issue of personal safety amongst UK institutions and businesses.

We hope this campaign, in partnership with Crimestoppers, will help us drive this forward.

To date, there is no official legislation or guidance that places responsibility on the employer to protect their employees outside of work – not even during their commute. Despite this, over half of workers (51%) believe that their employer has a duty of care to them outside of working hours.

We’re asking UK businesses to go beyond basic compliance and step up to keep their people safe.”

David Crawley, Crimestoppers Director of Development, says: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Peoplesafe on this initiative. Our charity is committed, and proud, to work with organisations who share our values of always keeping people and communities safe from harm.”

Employers can sign up today at

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