Dennis Distribution Choice Of Cartwright Group Fridge Trailers Endorsed By Customer Feedback.

3 September, 19

Well-established refrigeration transport specialist Dennis Distribution recently took delivery of eight new fridge trailers from leading trailer and commercial body manufacturer Cartwright and its decision has been endorsed by customer feedback about the quality of the trailers.

Andrew Revely, General Manager of Dennis Distribution, commented:

“We tailored the new trailers from Cartwright to match our needs for our contract.

“We have been very pleased with the quality of the trailers and the after-sales service. Feedback from customers has been very good.”

Located in Malton, Yorkshire, Dennis Distribution is a family business with a pedigree of over 60 years offering high quality refrigerated transport in the UK and Europe, providing a wide range of services to the food industry for chilled, ambient and frozen products including dairy, meat, bakery products and yeast.

Four of the eight fridge trailers, resplendent with a contract customer’s livery, is for a recent contract customer. The other four fridge trailers are for Dennis Distribution’s general transport operations, for a mix of customers.

Cartwright has also built a separate ‘meatrailer’ trailer for Dennis Distribution for one of their long-term contracts.

Andrew Revely added:

“Cartwright provided us with the right specification for our requirements.

“Most importantly they also gave us back up with some rental trailers as we needed the kit very quickly until the new trailers arrived.”

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