Councils Call For Powers To Fine Truckers Is A Cash Generator.

2 September, 19

The Road Haulage Association says that a move to give councils powers to fine lorry drivers is about generating revenue.

Local Government Association (LGA) has called on the Government to allow councils to enforce against moving traffic violations. Similar powers are already available to councils in London and Wales.

RHA chief executive, Richard Burnett says that the LGA sees truckers as an easy target for cash-strapped councils to make up shortfalls in reduced central government funding.

“It’s clear that this is all about raising cash. The LGA has gone out of its way to demonise truckers to back up their bid – painting a bleak picture of lorries causing what they call ‘havoc and mayhem’ across the country.

“Lorry drivers are skilled professionals, trained to an exceptionally high standard and the vast majority are safe and compliant at all times. They should be respected for the vital job they do.”

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