Freshlinc Takes On 60 Schmitz Cargobull Reefers Thanks To Toughness And Carrier Transicold Technology.

4 June, 18

Temperature-controlled transport provider Freshlinc has taken another 60 Schmitz Cargobull multi-temperature refrigerated trailers powered by Carrier Transicold refrigeration units, thanks to the assets’ perfect blend of technology and rugged performance.

The trailers come equipped with a host of features that enable them to handle every element of Freshlinc’s operations, transporting fresh, chilled and horticultural products in the UK and Europe.

Andy Marchant, Fleet Engineer, Freshlinc, says: “Schmitz Cargobull’s trailers are simply outstanding. They’re hard-wearing and easy to use. Our operations are very intense, so we need our trailers to be tough, but also cost-effective to operate – which is precisely why we use Schmitz Cargobull. Plus, the performance of the Carrier Transicold refrigeration units is simply first class.”

Freshlinc’s new reefers come equipped with a one-piece aluminium floor that is durable and offers a longer lifespan compared to conventional flooring.

The trailers also incorporate Schmitz Cargobull’s FERROPLAST insulation, which offers greater insulation with a thinner panel – reducing the height of the trailer without compromising on internal volume and offering a lower tare weight.

Additionally, each trailer is equipped with an internal moving bulkhead fitted with expanding seals controlled from a central operating handle. This makes it easier for the operator to reposition the bulkhead wherever required, while providing effective insulation between compartments.

The trailers are equipped with Carrier Transicold Vector® 1950 MT units, marking Freshlinc’s return to a 100 per cent Carrier-cooled order.

The Vector 1950 MTs are Carrier Transicold’s most powerful refrigeration system, creating stable cooling across larger trailer volumes, with high airflow levels, unparalleled pull-down speeds and the ability to maintain precise temperature control throughout each trailer compartment.

Each Vector 1950 MT also boasts impressive environmental credentials, with the patented E-Drive™ all-electric technology.

Freshlinc also benefits from Carrier Transicold’s everCOLD full-service, repair and maintenance package, which provides annual temperature control testing and certification, full regulatory checks, and access to Carrier Transicold’s oneCALL 24/7 incident management service.

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