Expanded Air Freight Opportunities Between Poland And Distant Countries.

4 June, 18

Poland has gone through a tremendous journey of development and growth during the last decades. Today, it is one of the largest economies in Central Europe with steadily increasing exports. A number of initiatives have been made to maintain this positive trend. One example of this is the expanding air freight opportunities between Poland and the rest of the world.

Dynamic polish market with ever-growing export figures

Poland’s advantageous location between east and west, where many main communication routes intersect, contributes to making it one of the most favorable markets in Europe. Along with an entrepreneurial and dynamic business climate, Poland has also been increasingly competitive abroad, with export figures growing every year. Various investments are made to promote a continued development and an even further reach of Polish goods around the world.

One ambitious project is building a new international airport with an initial capacity of 45 million passengers a year. The airport is located 40 kilometers west of Warsaw in the municipality of Baranów in central Poland and is scheduled to open in 2027. In addition to this, national airline – LOT Polish Airlines has invested in new aircraft as well as opened up for additional destinations and direct flights. The aim is to enable export of goods beyond Poland’s neighboring countries to reach markets located further away. These longer distances include, for example, air connections between Poland and the Far East, the Middle East and the US. As there are more airlines and destinations to choose from when sending goods to and from Poland, more customers are also choosing air freight for their high value and time-critical cargo.

The importance of logistics management to benefit from air freight

Air freight is by far the quickest way of moving goods across long distances, given that the entire transportation chain runs smoothly and that potential issues are solved straight away. If this is not the case, you risk ending up with delays of your transport and thereby lose the main benefit of the transport mode.

When transporting goods between Poland and distant locations in, for example, the Far East, there are many steps included that need consideration. This especially applies in the case of a door-to-door solution with other means of transport in addition to the air freight. The goods should be picked up from the sender, dropped off at the airport, go through customs clearances and be transported to their final destination. Each of these steps needs to run as smoothly as possible. Therefore, logistics management, local knowledge and instant service are essential parts of any air freight solution. Consequently, we see that more of our customers in Poland, and elsewhere, value these elements more than just getting the cheapest solution available.

A tailor-made transport solution with local knowledge and contacts

I am convinced that the growth and development we have seen in Poland during the last decades will continue. More companies, factories and distribution centers are establishing themselves in the country, which drives the increased export of goods. At Greencarrier Freight Services in Poland, we have a local presence and knowledge as well as close contacts with the airlines. Thanks to our close cooperation with the airlines and foreign partners, our prices are competitive and our service exceeds client standards and demands.

We make sure to take advantage of the expanded air freight connections between Poland and distant countries. Depending on your needs, we can also offer sea, rail and road freight, or a combination of them in a tailor-made door-to-door solution. Regardless, we follow and manage your shipment all the way and provide you with information whenever needed!

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