The Future Of Road Transport: LoadFox Joins Sounding Board For European Research Project.

22 May, 18

The Munich-based tech startup LoadFox is a Sounding Board member of the European research project ‘Aerodynamic and Flexible TrucksforNext Generation of Long Distance Road Transport’ (AEROFLEX). Launched in October 2017, the AEROFLEX project aims to develop and prepare the transport industry and vehicle manufacturers for the smart future of the freight transport market for the period 2018-2035. The research project is coordinated by MAN Truck & Bus AG and Unisearch, a consultancy focussing on technological innovations. The AEROFLEX Consortium and Sounding Board consist of representatives from the logistics sector, associations, industry and policymakers. The research has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon2020 programme.

“The topics that are addressed in the AEROFLEX project, are very close to what LoadFox is currently working on. We are honoured, to share our expertise and concrete know-how in both the logistics sector and new technologies. It is not only important to form a bond between vehicles and devices, but also connect the European industry as a whole,” says Sebastian Sorger, CEO of LoadFox. During a workshop on March 7th at Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) in Dortmund, LoadFox joined the Sounding Board in order to help create realistic use cases and draw a clear picture of the future logistics market.

Within the Sounding Board, members such as LoadFox have a great opportunity to accompany the AEROFLEX project and give direct input, thus to actively shape the process and foster acceptance of the developed concepts. Concrete goals have already been formulated: the careful examination of needs and challenges and the combination of those findings with new technologies and solutions shall, amongst others, improve the efficiency of long-haul freight. The Sounding Board is also commissioned to provide valuable input for policies of the European Union based on the results of the AEROFLEX project.

For an efficient project implementation and to facilitate the decision-making, regular meetings are held in different settings to ensure a continuous process during the course of the 42-month project: technical group meetings with initiative leaders, research and industry partners, policy regulatory group meetings with AEROFLEX group members and public administration and general assemblies with all involved stakeholders. The next General Assembly meeting is held from 22 to 23 May in Berlin. Further information on the research project is available on

The Munich-based tech startup LoadFox offers a platform for truck tour optimization. The technology is based on a specially-developed algorithm that combines partial loads into profitable tours, creating in turn an efficient partner network between freight forwarders and carriers. The founding shareholders are MAN Truck & Bus and the Boston Consulting Group. The platform is currently in the free beta phase. For more information please visit

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