Paperless Training From RTITB To Revolutionise Driver CPC Training.

23 April, 18

Inaccurate or slow administration for Driver CPC training results in wasted time and money for drivers and employers alike.  At the Microlise Transport Conference 2018 RTITB will reveal the development of a new app that combats this by completely eliminating paperwork from the Driver CPC Periodic Training process.

“Every year, many LGV drivers lose Driver CPC Periodic Training hours that they have already accrued, through no fault of their own,” explains Laura Nelson, Managing Director for RTITB, the UK’s largest Driver CPC Consortium. “Our new app, MyRTITB DriverCPCFriend, tackles this by providing a completely paperless solution for the first time, to streamline administration and improve accuracy and compliance.”

Instructors can save a significant amount of administration time per course, resulting in more time to focus on delivering the best training experience possible to drivers, while also meeting training administration and compliance needs.

“We identified that there was a need to eliminate costly paperwork and administration time from Driver CPC Periodic Training to help training providers and employers to get a good return on their investment,” Laura continues. “We also saw an opportunity to make Driver CPC a more positive experience for drivers – the most vital people in any transport operation.”

Another benefit of the app is that it helps to ensure that drivers’ waiting time for paperwork to be completed is significantly reduced.

Visitors to the Microlise Transport Conference in The Ricoh Arena on 16 May can learn more about the app, which is due for launch in late 2018.  Laura Nelson will make a presentation in the Innovation Zone at the event, showing all features and benefits that the app can bring to driver training providers and drivers.

For instance, as well as removing 100% of paperwork from the training administration process, there will be other useful features. It will scan a driver’s ID to automatically confirm eligibility and transfer the driver licence number directly into the app, eliminating the risk of input error which can result in lost hours for drivers.  Instructors will also be able to upload course data to the DVSA Recording and Evidencing system at the push of a button.

Timekeeping is an important part of any Driver CPC instructor’s day.  MyRTITB DriverCPCFriend supports instructors by monitoring training time and notifying them if they try to end a course before the required seven hours have been completed. The app will also alert instructors with suggested break times and stop the clock when breaks are taken, leaving the instructor safe in the knowledge that they are complying with duration requirements.

Visitors to the Microlise Transport Conference can also visit the RTITB in the exhibition area to learn more about the full range of solutions from the RTITB Instructor Academy.

On the stand, the experts from the Academy will discuss how training can help to manage the skills shortage gap in the transport industry by focusing on ‘training the trainer’.  To support transport and logistics employers, the RTITB Instructor Academy has introduced several new options to its vast portfolio of “off the shelf” Instructor courses, as well as working closely with employers to create Instructor training specific to the needs the needs of the business or operation.

The RTITB Instructor Academy supports employers in upholding high training standards as all Academy training is reinforced by accreditation from RTITB, alongside impartial assessments and examinations.  The Academy also offers a choice of flexible training delivery methods that allow companies to focus on their specific business needs, and all courses are specially developed to help logistics businesses maximise their Return on Investment on training, while improving efficiency, safety and legal compliance.

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