Narrow Aisle launch AC Lithium-ion Flexi model.

22 April, 18

Narrow Aisle Ltd has announced that models across its top-selling Flexi range of articulated forklift truck-based intralogistics solutions are now available with the option of lithium-ion battery power.

Thanks to developments in lithium-ion battery technology, Flexi AC Lithium trucks require zero battery maintenance.

And, fast battery charging times ensure that truck uptime is optimised: the Flexi AC Lithium range features heavy-duty batteries that can be fully charged within one or two hours, even if the battery is fully discharged.

In addition, the Flexi AC Lithium battery’s ability to distribute consistent power levels each hour means maximum warehouse throughput efficiency is achieved even during the longest and busiest shifts.

“We are delighted to be able to offer the market the Flexi AC Lithium range. When it comes to running a modern warehouse, productivity is key which is why more lift truck users are appreciating the benefits of lithium-ion battery technology,” says Narrow Aisle’s commercial director, John Maguire.

John Maguire believes that the growth in lithium ion-powered forklift trucks is coming at the expense of other established power sources – most notably LP Gas and Diesel engine powered units.

“Sales of LP Gas-powered warehouse based trucks have been declining for a while for several reasons,” he says.

He continues: “Compared to battery electric power, LP Gas is expensive and the time taken to change or refill each gas bottle means that truck downtime can be a problem at some sites, unless a bulk tank can be justified.

“In addition, the control systems and catalytic converters required to reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from LPG emissions add significantly to a truck’s operating costs.

“And, there are many differing emission control and operational noise level standards and rules across the world which make the manufacture and operation of engine powered trucks more and more difficult in many markets.”

Narrow Aisle is offering a free consultancy service to users of all makes of LPG-powered articulated forklift trucks to allow the benefits of switching from LPG to lithium-ion battery power to be compared.

The company has also launched a scrappage scheme that gives operators of LPG-powered articulated trucks the chance to make significant savings should they choose to upgrade their old LPG forklifts to new Flexi AC Lithium or electric models.

“Our scrappage scheme means we’re offering companies the chance to take older less efficient forklift trucks out of their fleets and replace them with the latest ultra-efficient Flexi AC Lithium technology in the most cost-effective way possible,” added John Maguire.

For details of the new Flexi AC Lithium range or information regarding Narrow Aisle’s LPG truck scrappage scheme, visit

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