Rob Hatfield Ltd Save Over £20,000 Using r2c Online’s Fleet Management Software.

6 March, 18

Hull-based logistics fleet Rob Hatfield Ltd has seen savings of over £20,000 thanks to r2c Online’s digital compliance management software.

Rob Hatfield Ltd joined r2c nine months ago to start their transition to digital. Owner and Transport Manager, Rob Hatfield, explains what led them to choose r2c, “Our business values reliability, honesty and punctuality in everything we do, from trucks to deliveries, and r2c Online help us achieve this to the best of our ability.”

Since their startup in 1990, the business used traditional manual processes to operate. Hatfield explained, “Our processes weren’t as efficient as they could have been. Gaining access to information such as service and inspection sheets took time, and manual scheduling was time consuming and lacked visibility.

“Now, nine months into using r2c, we’ve seen unbelievable time savings. The platform is so user-friendly and provides easy reporting. Due to the efficiency of the r2c platform, we haven’t had to recruit additional staff to cover the admin, so it’s saved us a year’s salary of circa £20,000, not to mention the improved productivity we’ve seen across the entire workforce.”

Because of the success found using r2c’s Core platform, Rob Hatfield Ltd have now decided to adopt the Driver pre use check app too. Hatfield added, “We want to enhance our communications with drivers, so using the r2c Driver app will transform our operations further. It will eliminate another paper based process, add visibility and streamline our defect procedure – which is perfect for our business.”

Speaking about his experience with the leading software providers, Hatfield said, “The best thing about r2c is the people. From the initial salesperson through to the day to day contact with the Support team, they’re a team always happy to help. I would definitely recommend r2c to others in the industry. I’m interested to see what they do next as the system is always adding invaluable new features at no extra charge.”

Nick Walls, Managing Director at r2c Online, commented, “Rob Hatfield’s results so far prove that r2c delivers significant savings to businesses of all sizes, hence why we’ve become the compliance management platform of choice for thousands of fleets and workshops across the nation. We’ve loved having Rob Hatfield on board so far and look forward to boosting their performance even further with our Driver pre use check app.”

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