Digital Freight Forwarder Twill Enters The US.

15 March, 18

Twill has announced that its digital freight forwarding platform has officially entered the US market. Driven by a desire for innovation and capitalising on Damco’s background in the industry, Twill offers a truly complete solution for customers.

In the context of a market facing rapid change and disruption, the digital nature of the Twill platform combined with Damco’s industry knowledge offers the US market a unique approach to freight forwarding.

The platform also provides access to a new type of customer – one that isn’t bound by traditional supply chain processes. Lucia Pinheiro, Area CEO US West Coast and Canada, Damco commented: “Twill provides us with a new, innovative approach to the market. It’s about time that the digital world is accepted in logistics, and we’re excited to have this opportunity to really shape the future of our industry.”

Jeremy T. Haycock, Area CEO US East Coast at Damco added: “Our industry has indeed changed dramatically over the last couple of years, and Twill provides us with an opportunity to really shift our operations. Also existing customers are enthusiastic about using Twill – the market is finally recognising that the new world is a digital one!”

Troels Stovring, CEO of Twill added: “Damco is already very big in the US market but Twill offers a fantastic differentiator. Not only does the platform improve the booking process by largely removing human error and making the entire process much more simple, but it also provides a personalised experience for our customers and they know that they have access to our proactive customer care team 24/7. We’re looking forward to seeing the change which this innovation will bring to the US market.”

Narin Phol, Regional CEO for the Damco Americas region concluded: “If you look at Twill’s customer promise, its aim is really to make things simple for the customer. The US is one of our biggest markets across the globe, and with Twill we can ultimately help our clients to become more efficient and allow them to get on with their core business. We have significant strengths with our technology in comparison to standalone platforms which don’t have Damco’s experience behind them – and that’s what will set us apart.”

Twill serves full container load, ocean services to the US from China, Vietnam, Indonesia and India. Sign up to place your booking here:

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